Sadie Sink Opens Up About Close Friendship with Millie Bobby Brown

When “Stranger Things” first came out on Netflix in 2016, it was an instant hit. In the 1980s, the show follows a group of friends as they deal with supernatural forces and teenagers in general. Sadie Sink Opens Up About Close Friendship with Millie Bobby Brown. Know All About Their Relationship

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, a character who can move things with her mind, is the show’s main character. The main group of misfits takes Eleven in, and they all have some very strange adventures together. Before Season 2, when Max Mayfield joined the group, Brown was the only girl in the gang.

Sadie Sink is another young star who worked here and there in show business before getting her big break on “Stranger Things” when she was 15 years old (via IMDb). Max, played by Sink, gets involved with the antics of the Hawkins gang and becomes friends with Eleven, played by Brown.

Sink and Brown, like all the other performers on the show, seem to get along well with each other. In an interview with Glamour U.K. in March 2021, Sink was asked about her co-star on “Stranger Things.” She spoke very highly of Brown. Read on to find out more.

Brown and Sink have an Extremely Supportive Friendship.

Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink, who play friends on “Stranger Things,” are also good friends in real life. Sink was quick to back Brown’s beauty line, Florence by Mills, in an interview with Glamour.

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Sadie Sink Opens Up About Close Friendship with Millie Bobby Brown

The actor said, “I’m so proud of everything Millie [Bobby Brown] has done with her beauty line.” “Millie has always cared a lot about her skin and makeup. Every time I went to her house, she had more things than I had ever seen in my life.

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When I think about how she started making her products and where she is now, it’s funny. I’m very proud of everything she’s been able to do.”

There have also been many cute moments in their friendship, like when they made up a song about ketchup and mustard and sang it while wearing red and yellow rain jackets. Sink later captioned a picture of the two of them on Instagram with the words “Ketchup and Mustard.”

The Duffer brothers told IndieWire that they don’t plan to add any new characters to “Stranger Things” Season 5. Instead, Season 5 will focus on the original characters, just like Season 1. Knowing how close Brown and Sink are as friends, I hope this means we’ll get to see more of Eleven and Max together.

Millie Bobby Brown And Sadie Sink On Stranger Things 3

“Most of the show for the first two season kind of revolves around the boys and their friendship. So it’s interesting to see two girls’ friendship, especially since we’re friends in life.” Sink explained.

Brown continued, “We’re two powerful girls in real life. And we’re also two powerful girls in the show. So it’s putting two powerful female forces together. And girls that are tomboys like Max, and who are confused like Eleven, can see them together. It’s a really interesting dynamic.”

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As for the new status quo in 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana – it’s a mixed bag. “We’re both girlfriends, which sucks.” Brown joked.

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“But we’re also best friends.” Sink continued, “Max kind of takes Eleven under her wing and introduces her to the real world – shopping, having fun.” “It’s cool!” Brown chimed in.

Sadie Sink Opens Up About Close Friendship with Millie Bobby Brown

When it comes to that end-of-season beef that upset so many fans, Brown was quick to set the record straight. “Max didn’t make the beef. It was a totally Eleven. She was being so rude, why would she do that?.”

Sink interjected thoughtfully, “Well, Eleven hasn’t met many girls her own age before, so when she saw Max she immediately saw her as a threat.” For Brown, the juxtaposition between the two is what ends up making them so close.

“Max is like, the true definition of a girl, you know, she has long hair, she knows what her style is. She knows who she is. And Eleven is like, “I want to be you.” It’s interesting.”

What made them friends? Sink and Brown say it’s a blend. “When you don’t like someone in a friend group, but you’re in it for so long, you think, I’ll grow to like them. Max and Eleven did that.” For Sink, it was also about Eleven coming to terms with what she’d gone through: “I think she needed more confidence in who she was.”

Brown says “being a girlfriend sux” Good and awful. You must learn the basics of a relationship.

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Eleven doesn’t know how to have a relationship, whether it’s with her father, her grandfather, a boy, or herself – she doesn’t even know how to have a decent relationship with herself, so it’s new for her. This summer is her first for everything, which is cool.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Millie Bobby Brown Best Friend?

Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown met when they were young kids on the set of “Stranger Things.” Now, after seven years and four seasons, they are best friends.

2. What Did Sadie Sink Say?

Sink didn’t find it easy to skate: “I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t like it very much because on the first day I fell pretty hard, which set a bad tone for the whole trip.”

3. What is Sadie Sink Real Name?

Sadie Elizabeth Sink, who was born on April 16, 2002, began acting at the Hobby Center of the Performing Arts in Houston. She is now one of the most famous young actors in the United States.

4. Does Sadie Sink Like Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink are friends outside of the Stranger Things set. Sink, who is 20 years old, said that she, Brown, and their Stranger Things co-stars are all very close friends in real life. In fact, they’re so close that they’ve helped each other a lot as they’ve grown up in the public eye.

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