Ted Lasso Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Episodes, and Latest Updates on Jason Sudeikis Comedy Series

The beloved sports comedy series Ted Lasso has quickly become one of the most acclaimed and talked about shows on television since first debuting in 2020. Starring Jason Sudeikis as the cheerful American football coach hired to lead an English Premier League soccer team, the heartwarming show is now ramping up for its fourth season. But many fans are wondering – will there actually be a Ted Lasso season four? And if so, when can we expect new episodes to drop?

While an official renewal for season four has not yet been announced by Apple TV+, the streamer behind the show, Ted Lasso was conceived as a three-season story arc. So creator Bill Lawrence and star/producer Jason Sudeikis mapped out the show to wrap up its underdog coach’s journey after forty episodes across three seasons.

Ted Lasso Season 4 Release Date

Ted Lasso Season 4 Release Date

Season one introduced the eternally optimistic coach Ted being brought in by club owner Rebecca to coach AFC Richmond although he has no experience in soccer (“football” as it’s known across the pond). We saw Ted win over the skeptical English players and townsfolk with his folksy charm and rally the team to believe in themselves.

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Season two tackled heavier themes like mental health amidst growing friction with brash team star Jamie Tartt and his strained relationship with aging veteran Roy Kent. Through Ted’s signature empathy and words of wisdom delivered with humor, the squad begins to gel.

The currently airing twelve-episode season three promises to be the most emotional one yet as Ted’s unflappable positivity begins showing cracks from the pressures of helping others while rarely tending to his own troubles. As AFC Richmond now faces relegation, the coaching staff’s dynamics are also put to the test.

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NameTed Lasso
GenreSports comedy-drama
Created byJason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence
StarringJason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes34 + 1 special
Original networkApple TV+
Original releaseAugust 14, 2020 – present

Is Ted Lasso season 4 available?

So with Ted Lasso initially envisioned as a 3-chapter journey, is the upcoming season three truly the end? While neither Apple TV+ nor the showrunners have made definitive statements if the lovable characters’ stories will continue, the massive popularity of the show has sparked rumors that a fourth season is possible, with Sudeikis himself hinting he’d be open to extending Ted’s heartwarming influence.

If Ted Lasso season four gets the green light after season three releases this spring, potential new episodes likely wouldn’t premiere until mid-2024 at the very earliest. Since each ten to twelve episode season requires substantial writing, development and filming time, the show’s producers need ample breathing room especially as they crafted the initial three seasons as a complete arc.

ted lasso season 4 finale recap

While waiting anxiously for season three’s sure-to-be emotional finale, passionate fans will no doubt be scouring every interview with the cast and creators for hints if the journey will indeed stretch beyond the initial plan and grant us a gift of more of Ted Lasso’s signature blend of feel-good wisdom and witty zingers. We’ll just have to stay tuned!

Where can I watch season 4 Ted Lasso?

So far, three seasons of the hugely popular comedy series Ted Lasso have been released, exclusively available for streaming on Apple TV+. Season 1 first arrived in August 2020, followed by the second installment in July 2021.

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The show’s third season is set to premiere sometime in early 2023 on Apple’s streaming platform. A specific premiere date has not been announced yet by Apple. As of now, the tech giant has not yet officially renewed Ted Lasso for a fourth round of episodes either. However, given the critical acclaim and popularity enjoyed by the show so far, there is a strong chance Ted Lasso will return for season 4.

Ted Lasso stars Jason Sudeikis as the titular character, an upbeat American football coach who takes charge of a struggling English Premier League soccer team. With zero knowledge of how to play soccer, Ted has to win over his skeptical players and deliver some crucial victories if he wants to keep his job.

If Apple gives the greenlight to produce more episodes, where could you watch Ted Lasso season 4 when it eventually releases? Right now, the only place viewers can stream episodes of the comedy series is on Apple TV+, the iPhone maker’s streaming platform.

How many episodes are there in Ted Lasso season 3?

The first three seasons have debuted new episodes weekly on the service. Therefore, if the show is renewed in the future, season 4 would likely follow the same release strategy with new episodes being added weekly upon premiere on Apple TV+.

At this time, Apple has not shared rights to Ted Lasso with any other major streaming outlets like Netflix, HBO Max or Hulu. So in order to watch the award-winning show when future episodes arrive, access to an Apple TV+ subscription would probably be required.

An Apple TV+ membership currently costs $6.99 per month in the United States. Subscribers can watch Apple original programming like Ted Lasso online or via the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac laptops and more.

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So if you want to catch the continuing misadventures of everyone’s favorite fish-out-water soccer coach when season 4 potentially rolls around, Apple TV+ looks to remain the one place you’ll be able to join Ted, Coach Beard and the rest of the crew from AFC Richmond. Sign up for updates so you don’t miss out whenever Ted Lasso returns with its signature blend of gut-busting humor and genuine heart!

Will there be 4 seasons of Ted Lasso?

While Ted Lasso has not yet been officially renewed by Apple TV+ for a 4th season, there is a strong likelihood that additional seasons are on the way. The Jason Sudeikis-led comedy is a smash hit and fan favorite for the streaming platform.

Creator Bill Lawrence has implied in interviews that the show was originally conceptualized around a 3-season story arc. So season 3, set to premiere in early 2023, may have been structurally envisioned as the concluding chapter for Ted’s journey.

However, the breakout popularity of the show makes it highly probable that more episodes will be ordered by Apple TV+, especially with hints dropped by Sudeikis himself that he’d happily continue playing the titular character.

With each 10-12 episode season requiring substantial development time, season 4 likely wouldn’t debut until mid-2024 at the very earliest, even if swiftly renewed after season 3.

But given the awards pedigree earned by Ted Lasso so far plus its rare cross-generational appeal, it seems almost inevitable additional seasons will get the green light to build on a winning formula of uproarious yet feel-good storytelling.

So while not yet official, all signs point to viewers getting more of everyone’s favorite fish-out-of-water English Premier League coach beyond the initial 3-season plan. Stay optimistic – by both Ted’s mantra and the show’s success metric – that season 4 will let us bask further in this underdog story.

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