Creed 4 Movie Sequel: Release Date, Cast with Michael B. Jordan & Sylvester Stallone, Trailer and Updates on Potential New Boxing Film

Can you believe it’s been over 5 years since we last saw Adonis Creed on the big screen? I still remember the thrill of watching young Adonis, played to perfection by Michael B. Jordan, take on the mantle of his father’s legacy in the 2015 film Creed. We all watched with bated breath as he fought opponents in the ring while coping with personal demons outside of it, with the guidance of his mentor and father-figure, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).

When Creed II came out in 2018, the story raised the stakes. This time, Adonis came face-to-face with history, battling the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father Apollo Creed 30 years earlier. The emotional weight of the story resonated with critics and fans alike. Yet despite the critical acclaim, Creed II wasn’t the box office smash some expected.

Since then, we’ve heard whispers and rumors of a potential Creed III over the years. Details have been sparse, leaving fans wondering: what’s next for Adonis? When will we see him in the ring again? Does he still have more of his father’s legacy to fulfill?

Creed 4 Release Date

Creed 4 Release Date

Well, after years of patience, our questions are finally being answered. The buzz is growing louder that Creed IV is on the way, likely coming to theaters in 2024! Production company executives have hinted that scripts are being reviewed and new opponents are being cast. And Michael B. Jordan himself has expressed interest in suiting up again for the franchise that made him a household name.

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But the biggest question remains – what will be the storyline? We know from past films that the Creed legacy is filled with emotion, adversity, and determination in the face of incredible odds. Adonis has battled personal demons outside the ring while fighting opponents like a young, hungry lion within it. He’s struggled to create his own path while carrying on his father’s enduring legacy. There are still pages left to write in this story.

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Knowing the history of adversity both Adonis and Rocky have faced, I can envision Creed III seeing our heroes reach new highs but also new lows that test the very limits of their will. The core theme of fighting against all odds, against your own doubts and flaws, to reach your true potential is timeless. There is still room to break new ground and introduce new foils and barriers.

Directed byRyan Coogler
Produced byRobert Chartoff, William Chartoff, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin King Templeton, Irwin Winkler
Written byRyan Coogler, Aaron Covington
StarringMichael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone
Music byLudwig Göransson
CinematographyMaryse Alberti
Edited byClaudia Castello, Michael P. Shawver
Production companiesMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, New Line Cinema, Chartoff Winkler Productions
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release dateNovember 25, 2015
Running time133 minutes
Box office$173.6 million

Is there going to be a Creed 4 coming out?

With Michael B. Jordan providing that electric, raw star power and Stallone offering his venerable, grounding mentor presence, the pieces are there for Creed IV to offer a new-yet-familiar package with plenty of heartfelt moments. I envision spine-tingling training montages, high-stakes boxing matches, and private scenes of emotional resonance. Ryan Coogler laid the foundation. Steven Caple Jr. kept the momentum going. Now, it will be exciting to see where a new director guides the story next.

when is creed 4 coming out

The Creed name still carries weight; the legacy still has untapped potential. Adonis has grown before our eyes, battled epic foes, and honored those who came before him. But his journey is far from over. Even after 5 years away, I still feel chills thinking about stepping back into Adonis Creed’s world again. The theatre lights will dim, the iconic Creed theme song will play, and we’ll all be on the edge of our seats once more as a new foe emerges. I don’t know the plot details yet but I know this much is true – I can’t wait for what’s in store when Creed III finally arrives on the big screen!

What is Creed 4 going to be about?

Can you believe we’re only a year or so away from the release of Creed 4? Where did the time go since we last saw young Adonis Creed on screen back in 2018’s Creed II? I still remember watching with awe as Michael B Jordan brought such passion and rawness to Adonis, an underdog fighter carrying on his father’s legacy while battling personal demons.

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Now Adonis will return next year once again under the direction of rising talent Steven Caple Jr. The rumors about the plot details are starting to leak out and it’s getting me hyped! While the storyline is still tightly under wraps, inside sources have hinted we may see the return of a familiar face – Viktor Drago.

That’s right – the son of Ivan Drago, the lethal fighter who killed Adonis’ father Apollo over 30 years ago, may be making a comeback. The character was introduced in Creed II when he battled Adonis in an emotional, blockbuster fight. While Adonis prevailed, many sensed the bad blood between the families wasn’t settled. And now, with Viktor’s potential return, perhaps we will see a new chapter in this tense rivalry unfold!

Is Viktor Drago in Creed 4?

Florian Munteanu, the boxer-turned-actor who brought hulking Viktor to life in Creed II, is reprising his role. His imposing physique and raw fighting talent was the perfect fit to play Ivan Drago’s son. And now with a few more years under his belt, Viktor will likely be hungrier and more devastating than ever before! I can envision an absolute slugfest if he and Adonis come to blows again.

Beyond the return of Viktor, it’s anyone’s guess what Creed 4 has in store for Adonis, Rocky Balboa (the venerable Sylvester Stallone), and others in the cast like Tessa Thompson’s Bianca. But if the past films are any template, I expect this next chapter will take the characters to soaring new emotional heights as well as gut-wrenching lows.

The Creed name has always stood for overcoming any obstacle life throws your way, fighting with every ounce to be the best version of yourself. There is no doubt Adonis has more barriers to break through, more adversity to overcome before his hero’s arc is complete. I can’t wait to sit on the edge of my seat again and watch it all play out when Creed 4 hits theaters!

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Is Ricky in Creed 4?

Can you believe we’re less than two years away now from the release of Creed 4 in 2024? As a huge fan of the franchise, I’ve been eagerly following every rumor and leak coming out about the sequel. And one burning question many fans have is – will a pivotal secondary character named Ricky return?

For those who may need a refresher, Ricky was a fan favorite brought brilliantly to life by actor Tony Bellew in the first Creed movie back in 2015. He played the brash, trash-talking UK fighter who represented Adonis Creed’s first professional opponent as he carved out his name on the Philly boxing scene.

Ricky was the perfect foil – an aggressive, dangerous foe who didn’t give young Adonis the respect he felt he deserved. Their electrifying match highlighted Adonis’ short temper but also his combination of raw talent and skill passed down in his DNA from his legendary father, Apollo. While Ricky put up a brutal fight and even knocked Adonis down hard at one point, ultimately Adonis triumphed by TKO and began building his career momentum.

Ever since that epic first fight, fans have wondered if Ricky might resurface again years later with a chance at revenge on Adonis. There is certainly some unfinished history there considering Ricky felt embarrassed losing to Adonis as a newcomer. And there has been chatter that Bellew himself might be open to returning, though details have been sparse so far.


Ultimately none of us outside that production room know what Creed 4 has planned plot-wise. But as a wishful fan, I’d be thrilled to see Tony Bellew reprise his role as Ricky! The redemption storyline writes itself and would electrify audiences seeing Rocky’s insightful advice collide with Adonis’ physical gifts and mental toughness in the ring. We still have some waiting to do, but I’d bet good money Ricky will be in Creed 4!

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