No Sign of ‘I Am Number Four 2’ Sequel Yet Despite Continued Fan Demand for Next Alien Thriller Installment

I Am Number Four was a teen sci-fi movie released in 2011 by Dreamworks Pictures. Based on the novel of the same name by Pittacus Lore (a pseudonym for co-authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes), the story followed John Smith, one of nine alien children hiding on Earth from villainous extraterrestrials out to kill them.

The movie starred Alex Pettyfer as John/Number Four alongside Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, and Timothy Olyphant. It was directed by D.J. Caruso and produced by Michael Bay. Reviews were mixed but it performed decently at the box office, earning about $150 million globally.

Its ending clearly set up sequels, with John and his guardian Henri escaping the carnage to find more of the nine alien children scattered across Earth. The book it was based on was also the first in a series, making a movie franchise seem likely.

I Am Number Four 2 Release Date

I Am Number Four 2 Release Date

However, plans for an I Am Number Four 2 or any follow-ups were eventually cancelled. The underperformance of 2011’s fantasy film The Golden Compass is said to have made studios nervous about adapting YA book series. With lukewarm reviews and profits, Dreamworks and distributor Touchstone Pictures apparently lost conviction in making I Am Number Four 2.

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Rumors of a sequel persisted for years but were never substantiated. In 2016, over 5 years after the first movie’s release, director D.J. Caruso confirmed at a film festival Q&A that the sequel had been permanently cancelled years prior. Stars Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer also gave interviews at various points indicating they had not been contacted about reprising their roles.

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Unfortunately it seems the cinematic world moved on from plans to continue the story of John Smith and his extraterrestrial allies. Audiences never got to see heroes like Number Six, played by Teresa Palmer, return to the fray. The adventure, intrigue, and hint of romance never received a concluded chapter in movie theaters.

Directed byD. J. Caruso
Produced byMichael Bay, Steven Spielberg
Written byAlfred Gough, Miles Millar
Based onI Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
StarringAlex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer
Music byTrevor Rabin
CinematographyGuillermo Navarro
Edited byVic Armstrong
Production companiesDreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Bay Films
Distributed byTouchstone Pictures
Release dateComing Soon
Running time109 minutes
CountryUnited States

Is There A Part 2 To I Am Number 4?

With over a decade having passed since I Am Number Four first hit the big screen, hopes for a revival have all but dissipated. Rebooting with a new cast seems unlikely as well. For now the completed tale lives on in Pittacus Lore’s novels for readers inclined to dive deeper. But sadly for fans of the first film, further extraterrestrial action will need to remain in the imagination. The silver screen has no plans in 2023 or the foreseeable future to show audiences what happened next to the gifted alien teenagers like John, Number Four of the Garde. We can only wonder what threats they may have faced as more of their extraterrestrial legacies awakened…

So in summary – no, unfortunately an “I Am Number Four 2” sequel does not exist nor seem to be in active development. The ship has likely sailed on continuing the story established in the initial 2011 film, consigning it to being a one-and-done theatrical experience about a unique teen alien hero that viewers connected with for just shy of two hours. We can reminisce and imagine where his journey went, but won’t see the next chapters play out via actual greenlit sequels.

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is there a i am number four 2

Is I Am Number Four Worth Watching?

I Am Number Four was a teen sci-fi movie released in 2011 by Dreamworks Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. Based on the YA novel by Pittacus Lore, it told the story of extraterrestrial teenagers hiding on Earth from villainous aliens trying to kill them. The movie starred Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer and Timothy Olyphant.

It was directed by D.J. Caruso and earned mixed reviews from critics. At the worldwide box office, it brought in around $150 million – a decent but not outstanding haul. Its ending clearly implied sequels to come, with hero John Smith and his guardian fleeing to find more of the nine alien children mentioned in the story.

However, plans for any I Am Number Four sequels were quietly cancelled in subsequent years. The underperformance of other YA book adaptations around that time like The Golden Compass reportedly made studios hesitant to greenlight multi-film franchises. Without breakout critical and commercial success, I Am Number Four failed to convince Dreamworks and Disney to further invest in continued adventures.

What Is I Am Number Four Based On?

By 2016, director D.J. Caruso confirmed at a film festival Q&A that the sequel had been “dumped” years ago. The movie’s stars including Alex Pettyfer also gave interviews indicating that they hadn’t heard anything more about a follow-up. The lack of updates made it clear that ship had likely sailed on expanding the story into a film series.

It’s uncertain whether Dreamworks still holds the film rights to produce any potential sequels or if they have lapsed. But either way, there seems to be no studio interest in reviving the characters and incomplete storyline after over a decade since the first movie premiered.

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Rebooting with a new cast would be unlikely as well given the lack of enduring popularity for the franchise. The completed on-screen story now solely lives on through Pittacus Lore’s novels for fans hungry for more adventures of John and the extraterrestrial numbers.

So in essence – no, there is no I Am Number Four 2 movie actually in active development or on the visible horizon. The intended film franchise failed to ever materialize beyond the inaugural 2011 movie that depicted the beginnings of John Smith’s otherworldly journey.

Is I Am Number 4 Marvel?

We may wonder what threats him and his allies would have faced or how their legacies might have awakened. But without a sequel ever greenlit, viewers won’t see the next chapters play out on theater screens. John’s quest to combat menacing extraterrestrials intent on destroying his kindred remains but a single, standalone cinematic experience rather than an ongoing, sequelized odyssey.

The door is seemingly closed for good on answers around continuing plot threads or giving supporting heroes expanded roles. Disappointing fans of the first, it exists now as a one-and-done theatrical experience that introduced audiences to unique teen alien protagonist for just under two hours before his journey was cut short – at least as far as filmed entertainment goes. The only sequels exist in prose for readers to imagine, not as movies for audiences to actually view.

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