Scissor Seven Season 5 Latest News: Release Date, Trailer, Episode 1 Details & Renewal Status

The world of anime is abuzz with anticipation for the fourth season of the hit Chinese series “Scissor Seven.” With its unique concoction of humor, action, and heartfelt drama, the series has etched its place in the hearts of global audiences. While the official release date for “Scissor Seven” Season 5 remains shrouded in mystery, the air is thick with there excitement. This comprehensive guide to into everything we know and can predict about the forthcoming installment of this beloved series.

Before we embark on the future, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey of “Scissor Seven.” Also known as “Killer Seven” in its homeland, the series is the brainchild of Sharefun Studio and has been a trailblazer since its debut on April 25, 2018. The anime’s distinctive fusion of genres has been a significant draw, offering a narrative that dances seamlessly between comedy, drama, action, and suspense.

Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date

Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date

The series chronicles the escapades of Seven, an amnesiac assassin with a golden heart, as he navigates the perilous waters of his profession while attempting to recover his lost memories. Alongside a cast of unforgettable characters, including his partner Xiaofeng He, the enigmatic Jas Patrick, and the formidable Ronny Chieng, Seven’s journey is one of self-discovery and thrilling adventure.

NameScissor Seven
LanguageMandarin Chinese, English
ProductionSharefun Studio
DirectorXiaofeng He
WritersJas Patrick, Ronny Chieng, Jake Green
ProducersAiken Zou, Timothy Cubbison
Seasons3 (26 episodes)
Original NetworkiQiyi, Netflix
Original ReleaseApril 25, 2018 – present
GenreAction-comedy, Science fantasy
Main CharactersSeven, Da Bao, Thirteen, Wu Liuqi, Xiaoya
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The Unveiling of Season 5: When Can We Expect It?

The anticipation for “Scissor Seven” Season 5 is palpable, with the previous season leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The points towards a late 2022 or early 2023 release, but without official confirmation from Sharefun Studio, fans are left to wait with bated breath for the announcement that will set the date for Seven’s return.

What Lies Ahead: Predictions for Season 5

While the curtain has yet to rise on the specifics of Season 5, certain elements are a given. The creators have consistently pushed the envelope, and the new season is expected to be no different. Here’s what fans might look forward to:

“Scissor Seven” has been audiences with its genre-blending narrative, and Season 5 is poised to continue this tradition. Expect a concoction of high-octane action, poignant drama, and the series’ signature humor that has defined its storytelling.

when does scissor seven season 5 come out

New Faces and Old Friends

Every season of “Scissor Seven” has introduced us to new characters that quickly become fan favorites. Season 5 promises to expand this eclectic universe with fresh faces that will bring new challenges and alliances to Seven’s world.

Evolving Animation

Sharefun Studio’s innovative animation, which marries traditional 2D with modern CGI, is set to evolve further. Season 5 will likely raise the bar, offering audiences an even more visually stunning experience.

The Dub That Won Hearts

The English dub of “Scissor Seven,” available on Netflix, has been lauded for its quality. With voice talents like Jake Green, Aiken Zou, and Timothy Cubbison, the dub has brought the series to an international audience. The expectation is high for the dub of Season 5 to continue this trend of excellence.

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Behind the Scenes: The Creative Powerhouse

The success of “Scissor Seven” is not just a product of its narrative and animation but also the result of a talented team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Director Xiaofeng He, alongside writers Jas Patrick, Ronny Chieng, and Jake Green, have crafted a world that is as immersive as it is entertaining. The production team, led by Aiken Zou and Timothy Cubbison, and the melodious compositions of Jinqinmusic, have all contributed to the series’ distinctive atmosphere.

The Future of Scissor Seven

The question on every fan’s mind is whether “Scissor Seven” will return for a fourth season. While official news is pending, the series’ widespread acclaim in China, Japan, and the United States hints at a positive outcome. The dedication of the fanbase and the critical reception suggest that the adventures of Seven are far from over.

How old is 13 from Scissor Seven?

One of the series’ most mysterious characters, Thirteen, has intrigued fans with his undisclosed age and rich backstory. Assumed to be in his mid-twenties, Thirteen’s age is less significant than his skill and experience, which have made him a formidable figure in the series.

What is scissor sevens real name?

Seven, the protagonist, is known by his pseudonym, with his real name yet to be disclosed. His dual life as a hairdresser and an assassin, along with his moral dilemmas and loyalty to his friends, has made him a complex and relatable character.

Will Scissor Seven have Season 5?

Given the skyrocketing popularity of Scissor Seven then, a fourth season renewal seems imminent, though Sharefun Studio regrettably has yet to make any official announcement at this time. Surely viewers in China, Japan, the US, and beyond eagerly await continuing Xiaofeng’s resoundingly human saga as he navigates more emotional and ethical dilemmas.

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He must still contend with antagonists like the chillingly compelling Cardinal Red Scissors who exert Machiavellian influences over our hero’s life. There are still cryptic criminal plots and political power moves directed at Scissor Seven promising assassination attempts, betrayals, and world-upending stakes should he get drawn into the escalating chaos.

How many seasons does scissor 7 have?

For now, as we reflect on three stellar seasons establishing why Scissor Seven ascended rapidly in popularity, general consensus agrees a fourth would be welcome. There is still so much warmth, wit, and weirdness to explore in these characters and the richly built world they inhabit. We will have to patiently await Sharefun Studio’s decision.

Yet Scissor Seven stands wonderfully on its own merits thus far too. The journey already captured imaginations globally thanks impart to the eminently empathetic Xiaofeng He. His highs and lows feel recognizable despite fantastical circumstances because the writing insightfully conveys fundamental human struggles. We see ourselves in Xiaofeng wishing simply for companionship and a hot meal amidst admittedly bizarre adversity.


“Scissor Seven” Season 5 is more than just another installment in an anime series—it’s the continuation of a story that has resonated with millions. It’s a testament to the power of animation to transcend cultural barriers and unite audiences in shared anticipation and excitement. As we await the official announcement, we can only guess, but one thing is certain: “Scissor Seven” has carved out a special place in the annals of anime, and Season 5 is poised to be a chapter that will not disappoint.

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