3 Upcoming Projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe, It does not look like they are stopping soon. There are more than 20 movies in Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the timeline for Phase 4 is ready too. Kevin Feige already announced movies that will be in Phase 4. There are a few stand-alone movies as well as sequels to movies in phase 3.

And with the success of Wanda Vission on Disney +, at least we know that they are giving creative freedom to the artists and not making decisions with themselves. And the show was actually very good unlike Agents of Shields which had a mixed response from the critics as well as the audience. With some new shows aligned, here is a list of some of the movies and TV shows coming on Disney+ as well as theatrical releases for the movies.

3 Upcoming Projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe


We all know the character of Falcon as well Winter Soldier also known to us as Sam and Bucky. In the final moments of Endgame, we all saw How Steve retired from the mantle of Captain America and gave the shield to Sam, which we guess will be the new Captain America. Both will be working together to fight a new enemy which according to the trailer are superhumans like Bucky himself. The show will have a lot of action with humor. It will release on Disney+ on the 19th of March.

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3 Upcoming Projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe


We all know Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow. She has been a part of MCU since Iron Man 2. Although we know a lot about her character, we don’t know anything about her past with a little bit which was shown in Age of Ultron. The movie will focus on the events of the Civil War. The movie will be an interesting segment of MCU’s larger picture. We will finally meet her family as we saw in the trailer. The movie is all set to release on the 7th of May.

3 Upcoming Projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe


We first met this God of a character in Thor. After that, he has been through a lot of character development and been a part of MCU. He was the main villain in the Avengers first part. And after that, we saw him in all the parts of Thor finally giving his life to protect Thor in Infinity War.

The outcome was changed in Endgame when he escaped from the Stark Tower. In this series, we will surely get to see more of his story and this show will be connected with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It will be available on Disney+ on the 11th of June.

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