How to stream US Netflix on a Smart TV? A complete Guide

Nothing is more entertaining than utilizing a Smart TV to stream Netflix, correct? If geographical limitations prevent you from accomplishing so, we have you set with our comprehensive tutorial on accessing US Netflix using a smart TV.

The ideal setup for accessing any Netflix-hosted content worldwide is Netflix VPN with Smart TV. So, if you live in France, you can now access Netflix US and watch the most recent season of Once Piece there, or you can download every season of Virgin River from Korea.

Let’s go over the most effective VPNs for Netflix for Smart TVs and how we utilize them in more detail.

How to Stream US Netflix on Smart TV

You may link your Smart TV straight to a VPN if you need an instant solution and can’t wait for the final stage. Here is an outline to help you utilize your Smart TV to connect to US Netflix:

  1. Purchase a VPN membership. For safe and buffer-free super HD streaming, we suggest utilizing ExtremeVPN.
  2. Install a trustworthy VPN via the Google Play Stores for your smart TV.
  3. You may now establish a connection to the area you would like to visit.
  4. Restart Netflix.
  5. Your desired Netflix collections are now visible. Start your streaming to enjoy the US Netflix content from your region!

But installing a VPN straightforwardly on various other smart TVs, like Apple TVs, is not feasible. Therefore, we have additional options to get the same outcomes, with SmartDNS being the simplest. We will cover it in more detail in the upcoming segments.

Ways to Use a VPN to Access US Netflix for Your Smart TV

How to Watch American Netflix on Your Android Smart TV Through a VPN?

The best feature of the Android operating system is how straightforwardly these devices operate. Some devices don’t allow you to set up the VPN right, but we have Android-specific software available in the Google Play Stores or the Smart TV apps store. So, it’s simple to configure a VPN and unlock any program for an Android Smart TV:

  • Purchase a membership to ExtremeVPN or any other quality VPN you like. You can save more cash by purchasing an annual subscription. Browse the VPN homepage on the computer or smartphone to sign up for a membership.
  • Navigate the app store on your Android TV after turning it on.
  • From there, you can install the VPN software. The configuration process won’t require more than a minute.
  • Enter the password and username you received when purchasing a membership to sign into your user account via the application.
  • After you sign in, several servers located in different places are visible on the screen. Then, link to an American server to access the Netflix US catalog. Connecting to a server present in the United States that is less far from your location will yield the most effective results.
  • Select the Netflix program by pressing the home icon. If the program has already started, reload it.
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You can now stream the US Netflix entire catalog.

How to Watch American Netflix on Your Samsung Smart TV Through Smart DNS

Here’s how to utilize Smart DNS to unblock US Netflix on Samsung TV:

  • From your computer: sign in to your ExtremeVPN account and turn on Smart DNS.
  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV now, then select Menu.
  • By clicking a Network in this window, you can go to IP configurations.
  • Click DNS settings after that, then type your DNS number.
  • Reopen the Netflix application. Netflix’s US library is available for streaming.

How to Watch American Netflix on your LG Smart TV through Smart DNS

Follow these instructions for setting up Smart DNS on your LG TV:

  • Sign in to the VPN account and turn on Smart DNS. It appears at the page’s bottom.
  • Turn on your LG television, then select Networking Settings.
  • Locate Advanced Wi-Fi Configuration by clicking on Wi-Fi settings.
  • Choose the update. To add your US DNS codes, deactivate the Change Automatic selection and go to the VPN website. Now, you will see the message connected to the Web.
  • Launch the Netflix application for streaming your favorite shows.

The Top VPNs for Smart TVs to access US Netflix

Not every VPN can circumvent geographical limitations on video streaming sites like Netflix.

Plenty of the Netflix US catalog is inaccessible from other regions. The service provider cannot grant its customers accessibility to some content due to its licensing limitations in those areas. However, due to the number of users trying to employ VPNs to get past geographical constraints,

Netflix has begun taking severe measures targeting Internet Protocol (IP) addresses established through VPNs.

We examined many VPN services for their effectiveness in accessing Netflix. Just a few of them were Netflix-compatible. Additionally, ExtremeVPN is the top VPN service for US Netflix Streaming on Smart TVs.

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Let’s talk about them in more depth.


If you’re on a tight budget but wish to watch the most popular US Netflix shows, ExtremeVPN is an excellent solution.

It gives its consumers privileges by effectively unlocking Netflix’s US geographically limited content with remarkable efficiency and safety. You may sign up for a subscription for as low as $3.29 per month; reasonable.

With ExtremeVPN, you can link many gadgets without fretting over connectivity faltering or a speed reduction on any of them, and it is inexpensive. Sync your personal computer, mobile devices, and Smart TV simultaneously. It is perfect for utilization in a household because of this attribute.

We tested ExtremeVPN’s US server’s ability to bypass restrictions on US Netflix. We immediately had a link to the entire US Netflix catalog. We had a satisfactory streaming video performance experience, with no lagging or network drops.

The speed momentarily slowed with many devices connected simultaneously, but it quickly resumed. Consequently, it wasn’t a significant issue. ExtremeVPN allows access to more geographically limited websites like Amazon Prime Videos, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and other regional Netflix libraries.

All Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple devices, Android devices, and Smart TVs work perfectly with ExtremeVPN.

IP/DNS breach security, military-grade encryption with 256 bits, and a reliable kill switch are all features of ExtremeVPN. It offers a no-log confidentiality arrangement and employs split tunneling to conceal user information. All of your browsing histories stay secret.

These superb ExtremeVPN services are available with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back policy for just $3.29/month. Furthermore, a live 24/7 helpline is available if you experience any problems with VPN usage.


  • Offer streaming in high-definition
  • Compatibility with smart TV
  • No logs privacy protocol
  • A range of functions that are adaptable
  • Access US Netflix efficiently


  • Lacks a dedicated IP or dual VPN



The most effective virtual private network (VPN) for smart TVs that allows for streaming US Netflix is ExpressVPN. It gives the freedom to choose from several servers and a trustworthy internet connection with excellent speed. You can pick one of the 24 US servers. Because of this, you may always move to a different server if you experience latency on one.

You can access all geographically restricted seasons, movies, and videos employing

ExpressVPN since it utilizes MediaStreamer, which hides your internet protocol address and area. As a result, Netflix and your internet provider won’t know that you have a VPN and won’t be able to interfere with your online activities in any manner.

You may access other significant geo-limited platforms with ExpressVPN, such as NOS, HBO Television, Sky TV, and other Netflix collections. So, without any data limitations, watch all of the films and shows you love in high quality. You can employ ExpressVPN on all commonly used OS’s on laptops, PCs, cellphones, and Amazon FireStick.

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Additionally, ExpressVPN features cutting-edge AES-256-bit encoding, faultless server concealment, kill switch button, and DNS/IPV6 leakage security. If you have any queries or issues while utilizing ExpressVPN, you may speak with the customer support staff with the live chat feature.

ExpressVPN charges $80.04 for a 15-month membership ($6.67/month plus three months are free). Additionally, you can choose a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back option to get a complete refund if you feel it’s not best for you.


  • Fast internet connection
  • DNS security
  • No logs confidentiality
  • A trustworthy connection


  • More Price compared to other VPN companies.


NordVPN maintains the most comprehensive server infrastructure of any VPN service. With 5,500 servers, including more than 1970 in the United States of America alone, are dispersed across 50 different nations.

Heavy web traffic thus rarely causes NordVPN to experience connection lag. Furthermore, it never limits the amount of bandwidth. As a result, you can immediately start watching any popular US program on Netflix without worrying about a dropped connection or slow loading times.

We tested NordVPN’s capability to unblock US Netflix. All US Netflix content was easily accessible whenever we linked to any of its US servers. The monthly fee for the 2-year NordVPN membership is $3.69, and a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back offer is present. Therefore, you may cancel at any moment and receive a complete refund.


  • There are numerous US servers.
  • Dependable and quick internet access
  • Routinely updated
  • Superb privacy and security measures
  • Accepts payment with cryptocurrencies


  • On some servers, torrent connections are not accessible.
  • Open VPN settings that are difficult to utilize

TVs With Netflix Compatibility

The majority of Smart TVs today already have Netflix set up. On some devices, you may download it from the application stores. The Smart TVs listed below allow you to stream Netflix content:


Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Google TVs, Apple TVs, Sharp Smart TVs, and many others

This list is incomplete and includes several products from well-known companies. We also have additional Smart TVs available on the market that let you access Netflix immediately.


We wish that our in-depth guide helped allow you to access the United States Netflix catalog on your TV. Regarding our suggestion, we recommend choosing ExtremeVPN because it has unparalleled efficiency to circumvent all geographical limitations, notably those of US Netflix, in addition to providing the fastest speeds and confidentiality.


How do I modify my smart TV’s Netflix area?

Login to the VPN application and select a different region to alter the Netflix zone on your Smart TV. Link to any of the United States servers if you wish to stream Netflix in the United States of America. The restricted programming on Netflix will start after the connection is complete.

How do I access American Netflix on my TV from Australia?

On a smart TV, a virtual private network (VPN) is easy to install and link to a US server. You may utilize a VPN with Smart DNS. Once the link is successful, open the Netflix application to access all US Netflix content.

How to get free access to Netflix USA on a smart TV?

On smart TVs, Netflix is not complimentary. To stream its contents, you must purchase a membership. To stream American Netflix, a reputable VPN, such as ExtremeVPN, is necessary if you don’t reside in the United States.


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