Did Isabelle Adjani Have Plastic Surgery: Isabelle Adjani Botox, Nose Job and More

Isabelle Adjani is a renowned French actress. Throughout her extensive career, Adjani has defined French cinema for over five decades. She brought depth and complexity to each role, mesmerizing audiences with her immersive performances. While Adjani values her privacy regarding personal matters, her cultural impact is undeniable.

Now in her late 60s, Adjani continues gracing the silver screen. She remains selective about her projects, opting for compelling stories with dynamic roles. In 2021, she starred in “Sisters” alongside Marina Foïs, demonstrating her enduring talent.

This iconic actress has earned her place among French cinema greats. While cosmetic surgery rumors have swirled, Adjani’s cultural impact stems from her celebrated performances.

While Adjani’s appearance has evolved with time, her abilities have not diminished. She possesses a gravitas and charisma that transcend superficial looks. Isabelle Adjani maintains her status as a French cinematic icon through raw skill alone. No cosmetic enhancement could replicate her irrefutable star power and mastery of her craft.

Over the years, her changing appearance has sparked debates and discussions among fans and critics alike. This has forced us to find the truth.

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Who is Isabelle Adjani?

Adjani was born in 1955 to an Algerian father and a German mother. She grew up in Gennevilliers, a working-class Paris suburb. Adjani’s exotic looks and natural acting abilities were evident early on. At just 12 years old, she starred in her first film, “Le Petit bougnat.”

By 17, Adjani was nominated for her first César Award for “The Story of Adele H.” Her portrayal of the tortured daughter of Victor Hugo demonstrated astonishing emotional depth and nuance. This breakout role cemented Adjani as a serious dramatic actress to watch.

Over her prolific career, Adjani has brought her complexity and magnetism to a diverse array of films. In 1975’s “The Tenant”, she starred alongside Mel Brooks in a psychological thriller by director Roman Polanski. Adjani then played a lady of the night in 1978’s “One Deadly Summer”, garnering her first César for Best Actress.

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However, Adjani’s most iconic role came in 1981. Her haunting depiction of a mentally ill actress in “Possession” earned her critical acclaim. Adjani took home Best Actress honors at the Cannes Film Festival for her gut-wrenching performance.

Adjani has also shown her versatility through lighter roles. Her charm and comedic timing shone brightly in 2010’s “My Afternoons with Margueritte” and 2017’s “Bonne Pomme.” While these performances displayed Adjani’s softer side, her passion and skill remained unparalleled.

Did Isabelle Adjani Have Plastic Surgery?

While Isabelle Adjani has never publicly confirmed undergoing plastic surgery, her changing appearance over the years has led many to believe that she might have had cosmetic procedures. In 2021, during her appearance on the program “C à vous” to discuss her new film “Sœurs”, viewers took to Twitter to comment on her seemingly altered face, suggesting potential Botox use.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Isabelle Adjani Had?

It’s speculated that Isabelle might have undergone various cosmetic procedures, including breast, nose, cheekbone, or lip surgeries. However, in a 2009 interview with Gala, she mentioned using only “three Botox points to smooth her forehead.”

Isabelle Adjani Nose Job

Based on a comparison of her before and after photos, there are strong indications suggesting that Adjani might have undergone a nose job. The transformation in her appearance, especially her nose, is quite evident. Her facial skin also appears tightened, and there are no noticeable wrinkles, hinting at the possibility of Botox treatments.

Isabelle Adjani Botox

Botox Rumors and Public Reactions In 2021, during her appearance on the program “C à vous” on France 5, the audience was more captivated by her appearance than her words about her new film “Sœurs”. Many viewers took to Twitter to comment on her face, noting its frozen appearance, which is often associated with Botox treatments. Comments ranged from surprise at the evident effects of Botox to concerns about the societal pressures on women to maintain a youthful appearance.

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Isabelle Adjani’s Stance on Cosmetic Surgery While Isabelle Adjani has never publicly confirmed undergoing any surgical procedures, she has been open about her views on cosmetic treatments. In a 2009 interview with Gala, she mentioned using “three Botox points to smooth her forehead” but emphasized moderation to avoid a frozen look. She expressed her desire to maintain a natural appearance and cautioned against overdoing cosmetic treatments.

Isabelle Adjani Lip Fillers

This article focuses on an incident where French actress Isabelle Adjani was questioned by the police over allegations that she ordered her bodyguard to assault her surgeon ex-boyfriend, Stephane Delajoux. The article delves into the details of the alleged attack and the subsequent investigation, highlighting an anonymous letter that claims Adjani was behind the attack on Delajoux.

However, these do not provide any specific information or details regarding Isabelle Adjani’s use of lip fillers or any other cosmetic procedures. The focus is primarily on the alleged incident involving her ex-boyfriend and the subsequent investigations.

What Skincare Routine Isabelle Adjani Follows to Remain Young?

Isabelle’s skincare routine remains a mystery. However, she has expressed her disdain for the public’s obsession with the age of actresses, calling it “irreverence with a misogynistic tendency.”

Isabelle Adjani Over the Years Transformation

From her early days in cinema, where she was known for her brunette curls, blue eyes, and natural beauty, to her recent appearances with a seemingly altered face, Isabelle’s transformation over the years has been evident. While some attribute it to natural aging, others believe it’s a result of cosmetic procedures.

Isabelle Adjani, born on 27th June 1955, is a well-recognized musician and actress. She first gained public attention with her role in the film “Possession” and subsequently became more popular with her appearances in various films, earning her nominations and awards at the Cesar Awards and Cannes Film Festival. Despite her advancing age, Adjani’s acting prowess remains unquestionable, and she continues to captivate audiences with her fresh and youthful appearance.

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Based on before and after photos, there’s a noticeable transformation in Adjani’s appearance as she seems to defy the typical signs of aging. Many believe that her youthful visage is a result of cosmetic procedures. Comparing older photos with more recent ones, it’s speculated that she might have undergone Botox treatments and a nose job. These procedures appear to have been executed flawlessly, as evidenced by her tightened facial skin devoid of noticeable wrinkles.

In an interview , Adjani admitted to undergoing cosmetic procedures, specifically mentioning the use of hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient in dermal fillers. She revealed that this substance was injected beneath her facial skin to counteract wrinkles. In her later years, Adjani seems to be very conscious of her appearance, maintaining a stunning and youthful look.

In essence, while plastic surgery can sometimes have adverse outcomes, when done correctly and by certified professionals, it can yield positive results. Isabelle Adjani stands as a testament to this, looking remarkably young for her age.


Isabelle Adjani remains an icon in the world of cinema. While her alleged cosmetic surgeries have been a topic of discussion, it’s essential to remember her contributions to the film industry and respect her personal choices.


  1. Who is Isabelle Adjani?
    • Isabelle Adjani is a renowned French actress born in Paris in 1955. She’s known for her significant contributions to cinema and her striking beauty.
  2. Has Isabelle Adjani admitted to having plastic surgery?
    • Isabelle has never publicly confirmed undergoing plastic surgery. However, she mentioned using Botox to smooth her forehead in a 2009 interview.
  3. What did viewers comment on her appearance in 2021?
    • During her appearance on “C à vous”, viewers speculated about her potential use of Botox due to her altered facial appearance.
  4. What are the speculated surgeries Isabelle might have had?
    • Speculations include breast, nose, cheekbone, or lip surgeries, among others.
  5. Has Isabelle commented on the public’s obsession with actresses’ ages?
    • Yes, she has expressed her disdain for this obsession, calling it “irreverence with a misogynistic tendency.”
  6. How did Isabelle start her career?
    • Isabelle started her career at the age of 14 and quickly became an icon of French cinema.
  7. What is known about Isabelle’s skincare routine?
    • Isabelle’s skincare routine remains a mystery, and she has not publicly shared details about it.

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