Cardi B Plastic Surgery Journey: Check the Rapper’s Before and After Photos

Cardi B, the renowned rapper, has always been candid about her plastic surgery journey. Over the years, she has undergone various cosmetic procedures and has been open about her experiences, both positive and negative.

Her debut album, “Invasion of Privacy” (2018), was critically acclaimed and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, making her the first solo female rapper to win the award.

Apart from her music, Cardi B is known for her candid and outspoken personality, both in her songs and on social media. She often addresses social issues and is unapologetically herself, which has resonated with many fans worldwide.

Who is Cardi B?

Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is a Grammy-winning rapper, songwriter, and television personality. She gained immense popularity with her debut single “Bodak Yellow” and has since released numerous chart-topping hits.

on October 11, 1992, in The Bronx, New York City, she first gained attention as a cast member on the reality series “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Before her rise to fame in the music industry, Cardi B worked as a stripper, a background she has openly discussed and referenced in her music and public appearances.

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Did Cardi B Have Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Cardi B has undergone several plastic surgery procedures. She has been transparent about her decisions to modify her body and the reasons behind them.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Cardi B Had?

Cardi B has admitted to having breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt injections. She has also confirmed undergoing rhinoplasty.

Cardi B Nose Job

Cardi B has been open about her decision to undergo rhinoplasty. She initially tried non-surgical methods using fillers in 2019, but it didn’t give her the desired results. In 2020, after her hit “WAP,” she decided to get her nose done.

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Cardi B decided to modify her nose to achieve a certain look. Fillers are substances that can be injected into the skin to fill in wrinkles or change the shape of certain areas, like the nose. However, this method didn’t give her the result she wanted. So, in 2020, she underwent a surgical procedure to reshape her nose.

Cardi B Breast Augmentation

Cardi B has spoken candidly about her insecurities growing up. She mentioned that during her younger years in the Bronx, she was skinny, and some of her peers would comment on her physique, particularly her flat chest. These comments affected her self-esteem.

When Cardi B started working as a dancer, she saved up her earnings and decided to undergo breast augmentation. This procedure was her way of addressing her insecurities and enhancing her confidence. She felt that having the surgery helped her overcome some of the body image issues she faced during her younger years.

Cardy B Liposuction

After giving birth to her daughter, Kulture, Cardi B decided to undergo liposuction. She has been open about this decision, discussing it in interviews and on her social media platforms. Cardi B chose liposuction to help contour her body and achieve her desired post-pregnancy shape.

She has emphasized the importance of understanding that liposuction is not an “easy way out” and has mentioned the post-operative pain and the recovery process. Cardi B also highlighted the importance of aftercare, including wearing compression garments and attending post-operative check-ups.

Cardy B Butt Injections

Cardi B has openly discussed her decision to get illegal butt injections. She was motivated by her desire for a fuller figure, especially during her time as a dancer in urban strip clubs where a larger buttock was often preferred.

She has shared that at the age of 20, she paid $800 for the procedure, which was done in a basement in Queens, New York. The procedure involved injecting fillers into her buttocks. Cardi B has described the experience as extremely painful, mentioning that she wasn’t even numbed during the procedure.

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Cardi B Plastic Surgery
Cardi B Plastic Surgery

What Skincare Routine Cardi B Follows to Remain Young?

The articles did not provide specific details about Cardi B’s skincare routine.

  1. Brightening Serum: Cardi B starts with the Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C™ Skinclarity Brightening Serum. This serum, infused with Vitamin C from spirulina (a blue-green algae), is known for enhancing skin’s tone and texture, giving it a dewy base.
  2. Eye Treatment: She then uses the Algenist Triple Algae Eye Renewal Balm. This is a multi-tasking eye treatment that combines powerful triple algae with Algenist’s proprietary Alguronic Acid. It’s designed to reduce dark under-eye circles, bags, puffiness, lines, and wrinkles.
  3. Hydration: For hydration, Cardi B applies the Algenist Algae Niacinamide Moisture Veil. This lightweight moisturizer is formulated with Alguronic Acid and Niacinamide, helping to reduce the look of surface oil and shine while optimizing skin’s hydration levels.
  4. Anti-Aging Cream: She then applies the Algenist GENIUS Anti-Aging Cream, a rich moisturizer infused with vegan collagen, nourishing algae, and reparative microalgae oil. It combats lines and wrinkles to visibly firm, smooth, brighten, and hydrate the skin.
  5. Lip Treatment: Lastly, Cardi B finishes her routine with the Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip. This moisturizing lip treatment is made with Algenist’s Vegan Collagen and is known to restore lip fullness and contours for a plumper appearance.

cardy B Hairs Transformation

Major Events:

  • 2017 MTV Video Music Awards: Cardi B showcased a swingy brunette bob.
  • New York Fashion Week 2017: Just a week after the MTV Awards, she sported a gray shoulder-skimming cut, which perfectly matched her metallic, crystallized nails.
  • Saturday Night Live Pregnancy Reveal: For the surprise announcement of her pregnancy, she chose sensational emerald-green finger waves to accompany her baby bump.

Experimental Styles:

Cardi B’s hair experiments have been diverse and bold:

  • Paris Fashion Week: She had violet-glazed hair that gleamed during a surprise performance.
  • Promotion for “Hustlers” Film: She sported a set of space buns.
  • Various Events: Cardi B has embraced humidity-friendly textures, ladylike blowouts, and other styles, all while soaring to the top of the music charts.
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Cardi B Over the Years Transformation

Cardi B’s transformation over the years has been evident. From her early days in the Bronx to her rise to stardom, she has made several changes to her appearance. She has been open about her insecurities and how they influenced her decisions to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Over the years, Cardi B has been open about her decisions related to body modifications. She has discussed undergoing procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt injections. Her candidness about these choices has sparked conversations about body image, self-confidence, and societal standards of beauty.

Style Evolution:

Cardi B’s fashion sense has also evolved, with her becoming a style icon known for her bold and unique choices. Whether it’s her red carpet looks or her music video outfits, Cardi B’s style transformation is evident.

Personal Life:

Cardi B’s personal life has also been in the spotlight, especially her relationship with rapper Offset and the birth of their daughter, Kulture. She often shares glimpses of her personal life on social media, connecting with fans on a deeper level.


Cardi B’s journey with plastic surgery highlights the pressures of the entertainment industry and societal beauty standards. However, her transparency serves as a reminder of the importance of making informed decisions and understanding the implications of cosmetic procedures.


  1. Has Cardi B undergone plastic surgery?
    • Yes, Cardi B has admitted to having several cosmetic procedures.
  2. What surgeries did Cardi B confirm?
    • She has confirmed having breast augmentation, liposuction, butt injections, and rhinoplasty.
  3. Why did Cardi B decide to have butt injections?
    • Cardi B felt insecure about her butt size, especially when she was a dancer in urban strip clubs where a bigger butt was preferred.
  4. Did Cardi B have a facelift?
    • There’s no confirmed information about Cardi B having a facelift.
  5. What was Cardi B’s experience with non-surgical nose procedures?
    • She tried fillers in 2019 to modify her nose, but it didn’t give her the desired results.
  6. How has Cardi B’s appearance changed over the years?
    • Cardi B’s transformation has been evident, from her early days to her current stardom, with various changes to her appearance.
  7. What advice does Cardi B give about plastic surgery?
    • She advises fans to do thorough research and listen to doctors before undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

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