Black Mirror Season 6 will be Out in June, Check Out The First Teaser Here

Netflix has revealed that Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is coming back soon. Yes, Black Mirror Season 6 is getting released in June, this year. The teaser of the latest season is out and it promises the same dysfunction and darkness that fans expect from the show.

It’s been four years since this disturbing anthology series, Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones have given us the last season’s episodes. In an interview, Brooker mentioned that he intentionally took a break from writing the new episodes during the pandemic. Also, he said that it would be ”too depressing” for the audience at that time.

Season 6 appears to be even more violent and the production value is more cinematic in scope. Certainly, the fans are excited for some more action and drama!

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6 teaser is out

Black Mirror Season 6 Teaser

The show features a world in many stages of dependency on technology. Initially, the show had a fun angle on how society can be immensely benefited from the use of technology gadgets. Later, the show took into the dark world of endless virtual Zoom meetings, isolated life, and the disturbing downsides of technology. It also takes us to the bleak disadvantages of all the advancements in the field of technology particularly the internet and the current societal culture around it.

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Set to a cover of “I Don’t Want To Set the World on Fire,” the teaser gives us a glimpse at what the new episodes this season will be about. We see Aaron Paul in a space station, an eerie flashy smiling face, Zazie Beetz using dial-up internet. Other than that, Paapa Essiedu is clad in a white fluffy parka, and other plenty of techs.

The teaser was released on the Netflix Youtube channel on 26th April 2023. In January 2020, Brooker and Jones left the company ”The House of Tomorrow”. It was backed by Endemol Shine Group, which was acquired by Banijay Group. Further, they started a new production company called, ”Broke and Bones”. Netflix took under its massive wing with a 100 million USD investment and released the rights for Black Mirror from under Banijay Group.

Brooker hinted that Season 6 follows a new model. A logline notes that ”the sixth season of Black Mirror is the most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected yet”.

Black Mirror Season 6 release date

The good news is that season 6 of Black Mirror will release this summer. Although the exact date is not out yet, it is certain that Black Mirror Season 6 will be out in June. However, we have shown you a glimpse of the latest season as the teaser of the upcoming installment of the series is out.

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6

What will Black Mirror Season 6 be about?

As we know, the show creators are always secretive about the plot of the series before the initial release. Additionally, as it is an anthology series it is impossible to know about the plot synopsis of the entire season.

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However, Brooker said that this season will have more cinematic scope and will have higher production quality than the previous installments. Also, he mentioned that each episode is treated as an entire movie. He also teased the fans by mentioning that this time there will be more variety between the episodes.

”I’ve always felt that ‘Black Mirror’ should feature stories that are entirely different from one another, and keep surprising people (and myself), or else what’s the point?” said Brooker. ”It should be a series that can’t be easily defined, and can keep reinventing myself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is the new season of Black Mirror getting released?

Ans. The latest season of the anthology show is coming out in June this year.

2. Is the trailer of Black Mirror Season 6 out?

Ans. No, the teaser or the first trailer of the new season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror came out on the Netflix Youtube channel on 26th April 2023.

3. How many episodes will the new season of Black Mirror have?

Ans. It is confirmed that season 6 will have more than three episodes as the previous season had. Furthermore, the episodes will have roughly the same length of one-hour duration. Well, a good development is that thanks to the new production company, Broke and Bones, the new season will have better production quality.

4. Who are the producers of Black Mirror Season 6?

Ans. Black Mirror original creators, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are getting back for the new season. To join them, the executive producers are Jessica Rhoades (Station Eleven) and Bisha K. Ali (Ms. Marvel).

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5. Where can I watch the latest season of Black Mirror?

Ans. You can watch season six of the show exclusively on Netflix, where you can watch five previous seasons and specials, such as ”White Christmas”. Also, the interactive Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch is also available on Netflix.

6. What took so long in coming back to the new season of ”Black Mirror”?

Ans. In an interview, Brooker mentioned that he intentionally took a break from writing the new episodes during the pandemic. Also, he said that it would be ”too depressing” for the audience at that time.


The bottom line is that the thrilling anthology sci-fi series, Black Mirror is coming back with its sixth season in June. According to the creator himself, it will be a binge-watch and enjoyable as the show has an incredible roster of disgustingly skillful, smart directors working with a cast of actors so talented. ”Black Mirror” which began life in 2011, has a long way to go! well, we are a part of it, are you?


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