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Are you a fan of vintage movies? Do you like classic, beautiful, and subtle actresses? So, here we are, with the story of an exquisite actress, Delle Bolton. You are on the right track if you are looking for Delle Bolton and all the details about her. This article will dive into her biography, age, spouse, personal life, net worth, and more. Stay with us till the end, as this celebrity is not worthy of missing!!

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Who is Delle Bolton?

Gloria Delle Bolton was born in New York, United States on November 13, 1947. She is an American former actress known for her roles in Jeremiah Johnson in 1972 and Monk in 2002. Delle Bolton was also known for being the wife of David Colloff who was a renowned American Screenwriter. He was better known for his movies, The Candidate in 1972 and Room 222 in 1969.

Delle Bolton’s Early Life

Because there were no social media and not much internet usage in that era, her early life is not disclosed. Her father’s name was William C. Bolton. Other than this, we don’t have any information about her parents or her early education. However, she pursued her degree in Theater Arts from the University of California.

Interestingly, it was in college that she met her future husband and the only love of her life, David Colloff. She had an American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. Also, she was a Christian by religion. The actress was 5 feet 5 inches tall.

However, she had a very small acting career as she appeared in just two films. Yet, she made a mark in the industry. Sadly, Delle Bolton passed away in June 2022 at the age of 75. Further, we will discuss the cause of her death and whom she survived.

Quick Facts on Delle Bolton’s Biography

Full name:                                  Gloria Delle Bolton

Date of Birth:                              November 13, 1947


Place of Birth:                              Santa Monica, California, United States

Zodiac Sign:                                 Scorpio

Father’s Name:                            William C. Bolton

Mother’s Name:                           Unknown

School:                                         Unknown

Highest Education:                      Graduation in Theater Arts

University/ College:                     University of California

Profession:                                   American former Actress

Age (at time of death):               75 years

Nationality:                                  American

Ethnicity:                                      Caucasian

Religion:                                       Christianity

Life Status:                                   Not Alive

Husband’s Name:                         David Colloff

Number of children:                      Survived by two daughters

Height:                                           5 feet 5 inches

Delle Bolton’s Career and Net Worth

Delle Bolton started her career in 1972 as an actress in Robert Redford’s Jeremiah Johnson where she portrayed the role of Raven Tribe Swan. The movie was about a mountain man who wishes to live a life of a hermit. She earned a lot of fame and recognition for this movie.

The international premiere of Jeremiah Johnson took place at the prestigious ”Cannes Film Festival” on May 7, 1972. It was the first ever western movie to get accepted at the festival. Also, it was first screened as a competition entry.

The movie won the Western Heritage Awards for the theatrical motion picture. Delle Bolton won Bronze Wrangler which she shared with Joe Wizan (producer), Sydney Pollack (director), John Milius (writer), Edward Anhalt (writer), Will Gear (actor), and Robert Redford (actor). The film was a huge success and made $44 million on just a $3 million budget. Everyone appreciated Delle Bolton as a swan and she gained a lot of popularity.

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Delle Bolton in Jeneriah Johnson
Delle Bolton in Jeneriah Johnson

After this film, she made her appearance in a TV series named Monk in 2002. She played the role of Mrs. Townsend in it. The series was about a police officer who struggles with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Apart from her acting career, she started her kindergarten classes. The multitalented person taught many children. Moreover, according to her daughter, her kindergarten classes were magical. Also, her teaching method was ahead of the time.

Though she never appeared in front of the camera after that, her Net Worth was estimated to be $1 million at the time of her death. However, her acting career was brief, yet it was successful. She made a mark in the industry. Also, she had other sources of income as she took kindergarten classes. Additionally, she was married to a renowned American screenwriter David Colloff.

Delle Bolton’s Personal Life, Husband, and Children

Delle Bolton and David Colloff fell in love with each other at the University of California, where they pursued degrees in Theater Arts. Love at first sight changed to a wedding very soon. So, they got married in May 1970. Interestingly, Delle wore her mother’s gown at the wedding. It was a private ceremony with family and friends at Delle Bolton’s Santa Monica, California home.

The couple celebrated their first anniversary during the screening of Jeremiah Johnson. They were married for more than 52 years and lived in Santa Monica for a long time, after which they moved to Massachusetts in 2017.

David was a screenwriter known for his work in Paddy (1970) and The Candidate (1972). He also worked as a teacher for many prestigious schools, including Crossroads School and Hebrew Academy. Further, he progressed to become the Director of General Studies at Hebrew.

Delle Bolton and David’s Children

The lovable partners had two children together. Anya Delle Colloff is the elder daughter who was born in September 1971. She is a casting director popular for her work in Bad Teacher in 2011.

Further, they welcomed another daughter eight years later in October 1979 named Emily Bolton Colloff. She is known for her acting in Its Hard in 2000. Presently, Emily is working as an Arts Education Researcher and Theatre Educator.

Delle Bolton with her husband and daughters
Delle Bolton with her husband and daughters

Quick Facts about her husband

Husband name:                               David Colloff

Profession:                                      Screenwriter

Date of Birth:                                   February 2, 1945

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Place of Birth:                                   Almedia, California

Graduation:                                       Arts from the University of California

Post Graduation:                                Fine Arts Playwriting and Theater Arts

Wife’s name:                                      Delle Bolton

Life status:                                         Not Alive

Date of Death:                                    11 March 2022

Reason for death:                                 Cancer

Number of children:                             Two daughters

Delle Bolton’s Death and its Cause

Sadly, Delle Bolton passed away in June 2022 at the age of 75 years. The cause of her death was a rare blood disorder called Myeloblastic Syndrome. It is a kind of preleukemia in which something disrupts the production of red blood cells. Unfortunately, Delle had suffered from this disorder for more than eight years and finally went to the heavenly abode.

Her daughter, Anya Delle, took to her Instagram account to announce that her mother was very brave in fighting the disease. She mentioned that her mom had a great sense of humor and would keep everyone laughing with her jokes. Also, she wrote that Delle was at Emily’s home at the time of her death.

Unfortunately, David passed away three months before Delle died on March 11, 2022. Anya shared on her Instagram post, remembering her dad that he was a great husband, father, and grandfather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Delle Bolton alive?

Ans. No, Delle Bolton sadly passed away.

Q2. When did she pass away?

Ans. She died in June 2022.

Q3. What was the cause of her death?

Ans. The cause of her death was a rare form of blood cancer, Myelodysplastic syndrome.

Q4. Did Delle Bolton have children?

Ans. Yes, the couple had two daughters named Anya Delle Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff.

Q5. What was her age at the time of death?

Ans. She was 75 when she passed away.

Q6. What was her net worth?

Ans. Though, her net worth is not confirmed. Yet, it is estimated to be $1 million USD.

Final Words

There are some stories that make us emotional. Well, Delle Bolton had a life full of highs and lows. She had a lovely, stable family life which is somewhat rare for celebrities. Also, she had a great bond with her daughters which seems obvious. Definitely, Delle Bolton was a great actor, a teacher, a mother, a wife, and a lovely human being.

Wish to know more such people! Till then, keep reading!


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