Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters List

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Aidalro. The manga was licensed in North America by Yen Press. It is also a 12-episode TV anime series based on the manga series. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun characters are captivating and adorable.

The anime’s official site was launched on July 12, 2019. Studio Lerche oversees animation production and Masaomi Andō directs the series.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun characters design was first revealed on October 9, 2019. Exactly a month later, on November 9, the website was revamped with further additions.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Broadly, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun characters are widely spread.  They are all loved by their audiences. Nevertheless, the leading characters of the anime series are Hanako, Nene Yashiro, Kou Minamoto and Sōsuke Mitsuba.

Lead characters

1. Hanako

Toilet bound hanako kun characters
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The Japanese character was spoken by Megumi Ogata, while Justin Briner spoke the English character.

He is the strongest and the leader of the Seven Wonders and fights with a kitchen knife and two haku-joudai.

haku-joudai are the spirit orbs that help him monitor others and Hanako summons a cloak that grants immunity to exorcism lightning.

Duty: Hanako’s responsibility is to monitor all the supernaturals in the school and maintain a balance between humans and supernaturals.

History: Popularly known as Hanako, he was called Yugi Amane when he was human. Hanako is a ghost who lives in the old Kamome Academy building.

Personality: He has a positive attitude and is very friendly. He loves to go out and have fun. Hanako is very cheeky as a ghost. He is often seen playing pranks and teasing people.

2. Nene Yashiro

Toilet Bound Hanako kun characters
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Yashiro Nene is a first-year high school student at Kamome Gakuen’s High School Division.

Yashiro, without a doubt, is the cutest of all Toilet Bound Hanako-kun characters.

History: Yashiro swallows a mermaid’s scale. This foists the Mermaid’s curse on her, turning her into a fish. Hanako swallows a scale from the same mermaid to spread the impact of the curse and let Yashiro live as a human child.

She can remain a human child unless she is immersed in water. Because of the curse, their souls are connected, and hence Yashiro becomes Hanako’s assistant.

Duty: Yashiro assists Hanako in maintaining the balance between humans and supernatural beings. She also controls the spread of new rumours in the school of the supernatural.

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Personality: Yashiro is a very positive, sensitive, and caring girl. Unfortunately, she is deeply insecure and fears that no one will ever love her back. Apparently, Yashiro is also insecure about her large ankles.

Most importantly, she is intuitive and wants to protect Hanako.

3. Kou Minamoto

Toilet Bound Hanako kun characters
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Kou is a tall teenage boy. He is in his third year at Kamome Academy’s middle school division. Kou belongs to the Minamoto clan, which believes that all supernaturals are inherently evil.

He uses a spear called the Raiteijou. This is a weapon that transforms the wielder’s spiritual power into lightning, which exorcises the supernatural.

Duty: Kou is a seeker of justice. He believes in researching supernaturals before exorcising them. Unlike his brother, Teru, he doesn’t exorcise the supernaturals, believing that they are evil.

History: Kou is the second-oldest son in the Minamoto family. Because they believe that all supernatural beings are evil, this family is well-known for exorcising them.

Personality: Kou is brave and kind. He is cheerful, but sadly, he is often misjudged as rude. Kou is known to have a strong sense of justice. He is loyal to his friends and helps them in every possible way.

4. Sōsuke Mitsuba

Toilet Bound Hanako kun characters
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Interestingly, Mitsuba and Kou were classmates in their first year at the middle school. Mitsuba was tragically killed in a car accident and became a ghost.

Furthermore, Mitsuba haunts the middle school lockers, calling out to students hoping that someone remembers him.

Surprisingly, Mitsuba is mostly seen wearing pink outfits. Consequently, his classmates keep commenting on his girly looks.

History: Eventually, he changed his personality from being cocky to being passive and caring. Soon after his label as a boring background character, he reverted to his old personality.

In his wish to Tsukasa, Mitsuba wants everyone to notice him. Mistakenly, Tsukasa thinks Mitsuba wants to be with his friends, so he turns him into a violent supernatural against his will.

Subsequently, Tsukasa forces Mitsuba to kill Kou so he can be with his friend forever, but Hanako saves Kou and destroys Mitsuba.

Tsukasa recreates Mitsuba and forces him to eat No. 3’s heart to become the Third Mystery. The new Mitsuba has no memories but dreams of the old self and wants to become a real human.

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Personality: Mitsuba is very fond of photography.  He was a school photography club member and won several awards.

Although Mitsuba is often seen as rude and calling others hurtful nicknames, underneath, he is considerate, kind, and caring. He impatiently awaits being dejected by someone.

The Seven Wonders

The seven wonders of Kamome Academy are the most famous supernaturals to maintain students’ safety from evil supernaturals.

No. 1 – The Three Clock Keepers

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun characters
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They guard the clock tower of Kamome Academy and control time. The three representatives are Kako, Akane Aoi and Mirai.

  • Kako controls the past and can rewind it
  • Akane Aoi is a human and controls the present. He can stop time for five minutes daily.
  • Mirai controls the future and can fast-forward time for someone by touching them

No. 2 – The Misaki Stairs

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun
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Positioned in front of the art room, the staircase is rumoured to transport anyone to the spirit world.

Factually, anyone who steps on the fourth step is transported to the spirit world by Misaki. Their blood is splattered on the staircase the following day.

No. 3 – The Hell of Mirrors

hanako kun
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It is a boundary that was controlled by a bird-like supernatural. These mirrors reveal your deepest fears and insecurities.

Tsukasa killed the previous No. 3 and his heart is given to Mitsuba, the present No. 3.

No. 4 – Shijima-san of the Art Room

Toilet Bound Hanako
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Shijima Mei was a third-year student who allegedly committed suicide because her parents didn’t approve of her art career. Contrarily, Mei was ill and died because of her illness before she could graduate.

Unknowingly, Mei creates Shijima, the supernatural being who protects her. Following her death, all of her artwork was displayed in the art room, sparking false rumours.

She has the power to paint and create fictional worlds where people can live according to their wishes.

No. 5 – The 4 O’clock Library

Toilet bound Hanako kun
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It is a mysterious room filled with books about everyone’s past, present, and future. The door to this library is only accessible at 4 p.m.

Interestingly, these books come in three colours:

  • White books that record the living
  • Black books that record the dead
  • Red books are forbidden to read because they contain the future.

No. 6 – The Reaper

Toilet bound hanako kun
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It is believed that, on the night of tsukimi, the Reaper steals the lives of those who fall asleep while waiting to view the moon. They are often heard playing a melody on the flute.

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Consequently, people weave baskets all night to stay awake and protect those who hear the melody.

The current No. 6 is Shinigami-sama, the God of Death.

No. 7 – Hanako-san of the Toilet

The Seventh of the seven wonders is Hanako. He has the power to grant wishes to the living. But, in return, he takes something dear to them.

Kamome Academy Supernaturals

Apart from the seven mysteries, there are other less powerful supernaturals that also have room in the school.

1. Mokke

Mokke is a sweet, loving rabbit-like supernatural known as “Yousei-San.” They have kleptomania and hence enjoy small random acts of theft.

The Mokke merge together to create large and horrifying creatures to fight enemies.

2. Kodama

It is The Confession Tree planted by The God of Love. Kodama is a spirit in the form of a tree to spread love among the students.

3. Tsukasa Yugi

Yugi is Hanako’s identical twin brother. The twins were very close to each other until Yugi was supposedly killed by Hanako.

He is known to switch between personalities; from calm to disturbing.

The two work on different beliefs. While Hanako grants wish to the living, Tsukasa grants wish to the dead.

Sakura works for Tsukasa as his assistant to change the rumours of supernaturals in the school for his own purposes.

4. Sakura Nanamine

Nanamine is a beautiful third-year high school student at Kamome Academy. She became Tsukasa’s assistant because he granted her a wish.

She is also the President of The Broadcasting Club. He helps him broadcast various supernatural rumours.

5. Natsuhiko Hyūga

He is a second-year student at the Kamome Academy and is also a member of the Broadcasting club.

Natsuhiko has a crush on Sakura.

6. Teru Minamoto

Teru is Kou’s older brother and the Minamoto clan’s eldest. His family trained him for exorcising the supernaturals. Teru started very young.

Despite his calm and gentle appearance, he is ruthless.

He frequently threatens the Mokke to work as his servant.


1. Is Hanako a guy or a girl?

Hanako is a guy

2. Where can I watch TBHK?

It is available on Amazon Prime

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters Summarised

Unbelievably, the series is a massive hit. All the characters have their audience and followers. Undoubtedly, this series has topped the charts in anime.

Summing up, I can say that I am one of the fans of TBHK. Indeed it’s precisely created.

Besides the fact that it has dark humor, it scores 7.8 on 10 the viewers.

Nevertheless, in the comment section below, we would love to know about your favorite part of the series.

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