Things You Didn’t Know About Tyler Mahoney – Star of Gold Rush and Aussie Gold Hunters

Tyler Mahoney is a 21-year-old from Western Australia. She is a gold prospector and digger. She has gained a lot of fame because of her passion and profession. The young beauty stars in her family reality show called Aussie Gold Hunters. They narrate to the world their life story and their gold hunting tales.  She takes pride been called a Gold Digger and takes this term positively.

Though she comes from a long line of gold miners, her family’s history does not begin with the era of the great Gold Rush (1848–1855). Tyler grew up in Australia, where her prospecting ancestors had worked for generations. Moreover, Tyler spent her days buying and selling large gold nuggets in her parents’ shop and her weekends exploring the mines that her family owned.

Tyler can “geographically locate” the location of a nugget according to her years of experience in the prospecting industry.  Here are some more details about her.

Gold Digger- Tyler Mahoney

About Tyler Mahoney

Tyler Mahoney was raised in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. As a teenage prospector, Mahoney uncovered the most gold she ever did. She claims that the largest gold nugget she has ever found was five ounces, which she unearthed when she was a young girl. Moreover, she recalled how thrilled she was, she screamed, jumped, and ran to see her parents. As for the gold, she sold it for spending money and now wishes she hadn’t, but that’s to be expected from a young child who would rather purchase clothes and have extra cash on hand.

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Mahoney posts pictures of herself in her swimwear designs on her Instagram account, where she acts as a model for the collection. If you’re interested in seeing how the designer wears her many styles of bathing costumes, you can follow her on Instagram. Modeling is now another one of her many impressive talents.

NameTyler Mahoney
Birth Date23 March 1997
Birth PlaceKalgoorlie, Western Australia
Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Weight58 Kg
Age25 Years
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue

Tyler Mahoney’s entrepreneurial ventures

While Tyler Mahoney is known for her involvement in the gold mining industry, she has also started her own line of sustainable swimwear and jewellery under the name Mae by Tyler. As someone who grew up near and spent a lot of time on Australia’s shore, Tyler draws inspiration for her brand from her affinity for the sun, sand, sea, and nature. On her website,, she claims that her love of the beach inspires her to employ natural materials like sand and seashells to make stunning works of art.

Tyler Mahoney isn’t afraid to spend long hours operating excavators and other heavy gear or enduring the vast environmental conditions that come with working on the ground. Although it may be more difficult or time-consuming than employing modern techniques, she is passionate about preserving the history of gold mining.

She recognizes when her fellow miners make “tall tales” due to her extensive expertise in the industry. She claims that a single look at a gold nugget tells her the whole tale, so there’s no point in trying to con this sharp prospector. Mahoney is cognizant of the adage “strike now while you’re young and hot,” which she knows to be true in the modeling industry.

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Is Tyler Mahoney Single?

There has been a deafening rumor going around that she and Parker had a connection while filming his reality show in Australia. Although no private moments were captured on camera, viewers could still speculate about what might have happened. Neither confirmed nor refuted the rumors, but they are not dating. At the very least, they are not doing so right now.

The fact that Tyler Mahoney has been flaunting a man on her various social media accounts lends credence to this assertion. This means she is currently in a relationship, albeit not with Parker. The man the reality star claims to be dating is Jake Bennett, who uses the Instagram handle jbennnettt.

What is the relationship status of Tyler Mahoney?

Trivial facts about Tyler Mahoney

  • Mahoney’s net worth is over a million dollars.
  • Mahoney is a bit of a fitness nut who displays her own swimwear on Instagram.
  • She has also participated in Fashion Week.
  • Tyler Mahoney is an avid hiker and skier, so her spare time is as perfect as it gets for a person with her skills and personality.
  • Most of her followers love to see her personal life on her social media handles.


Q. Who is Tyler Mahoney?

A. Australia’s most well-known gold prospector, Tyler Mahoney, hails from that country.

Q. How old is Tyler Mahoney?

A. Tyler is 25 years old.

Q. Is Tyler Mahoney dating?

A. Although Tyler Mahoney is currently single, fans seem to think she is dating one of her co-stars.

Q.How tall is Tyler Mahoney?

A. She  is a 5’9″

Q. How much does Tyler Mahoney weigh?

A. Her Weight is 58 KG.

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Final words

Tyler Mahoney has captivated a new audience with her magnetic personality. Mahoney is an amazing businesswoman away from the camera as well. Mahoney has made her lifelong interest in prospecting accessible to others by founding “The Prospector’s Club.” Though Mahoney has been the international face of the club, running the family company and hosting webinars, among other activities.

Even outside of the gold rush, Mahoney has become a viral sensation. She often posts encouraging updates to her roughly 50,000 Instagram followers. Tyler has recently released a bikini line called “Mae by Tyler,” in which she freely celebrates the beach and ocean in her designs. Moreover, Mahoney holds the key to a bright future in her hands.

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