Interesting Facts About Annie Bakes, Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife

Annie Bakes is the ex-wife of NBA player Dennis Rodman. The couple got married and divorced within the same year of 1992.

Dennis Rodman is a basketball player and a well-known personality. He had married three women and Annie was his first wife. They had a complicated relationship and together they have a daughter named Alexis. Here are some interesting facts about Annie Bakes.

Birth and Childhood

Anicka (Annie) Bakes was born in Pennsylvania on January 31, 1965. She was raised by her single mother and during her early years, she had to move around a lot. Annie’s mother had to clean houses to sustaining themselves. She even cleaned Annie’s schoolmates’ houses which caused Annie to be further distanced from everyone at school. She had a tough childhood without a father figure in her life. And her relationship with her mother wasn’t good either.

Annie’s relationship with Dennis

The pair met at Sacramento bar in 1986. After that, they started going out and seeing each other often. They fell in love and they came to live together in 1987. During that time Dennis was playing for Detroit’s Piston, so they moved to live in Detroit. Their relationship was going strong and Annie gave birth to their daughter in 1988. Dennis was in love with Annie, hence he didn’t hesitate to propose their marriage. He planned to settle down with Annie and their daughter in Oklahoma.

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Annie Bakes

Life After Marriage

Their relationship sailed pretty smoothly and they entered the commitment of marriage. Annie married Dennis in September 1992. The couple’s married life didn’t go as expected. Annie had made several accusations against Dennis. She said that he cheated on her. Annie caught an STD from Dennis and this strained their relationship.

They tried to keep it together and work things out. But Annie claimed that he was not capable of changing. She filed for a divorce and so their marriage of 82 days ended. Allegedly, Dennis had made her abort forcefully several times. She has also claimed that he’d been violent.

Model And Hostess

At the young age of 16, Annie ran away from her home to become a model. And luckily, she succeeded in doing so. She modeled for many agencies. She had a great career as a model. But unfortunately in 1986, she met with an accident that left her with multiple scars. Hence, she couldn’t model anymore. Then she worked as a hostess for a living. She also worked at a club in Sacramento and it was then that she met Dennis.

Annie’s Life After Divorce

Annie is currently said to have married a policeman now. After her divorce from Dennis, she has asked for $7700 for child support. She told that Alexis is having a hard time since her father is so distant. Her daughter had anger issues due to this and it has caused trouble at school.

Annie worried a lot about their daughter and for her sake, she even tried to rebuild their marriage. But the divorce was inevitable and Annie said that her daughter is unhappy with that. In recent years, Dennis seems to be more involved in his children’s lives.

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Annie Bakes

Book By Annie Bakes

Apart from being a successful model and an amazing mother, Annie has also written a book. She wrote the book Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side With Dennis Rodman in 1997. She revealed how her relationship with Dennis has been over the years.

Her Current Work and Networth

Annie presently works at PETA, California. Her net worth is an estimated amount of $600,000 which also includes legal sums given by Dennis Rodman.

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