Sony ZV-1F camera special designed for Vlogging and content creators is launched

Sony recently launched the Sony-ZV-1F vlogging camera announcement on Thursday, October 13. The Sony ZV-1F appears to be a small camera and weighs only 229g. so it should be incredibly portable for creating while on the go. 

It’s a less expensive, more user-friendly alternative to the well-known Sony ZV-1 and Sony ZV-E10. Young content producers who desire a more affordable entry-level choice with higher quality than a smartphone are the target market for Sony’s vlogging camera.

The camera’s body is made of recycled materials, frequently a key factor for today’s younger consumers. Its design is straightforward to operate. The Sony ZV-1F and the original Sony ZV-1, still in production, are related in several aspects. Hence it is with a 20MP 1-inch sensor. It can capture 4K/30p video, 5x slow-motion, or 60x hyper-lapse footage.

The lens is the primary distinction between the ZV-1F and ZV-1. The new ZV-1F provides a wide 20mm f/2 lens. Hence this lens is better for fitting more people into the frame for group photos than the more expensive ZV-1, which has a 24-70mm lens. 

What is the Estimated Price of the Sony ZV-1F?

The estimated price is $499/£549/AUS$899/€650. The new Sony ZV-1F will be available from mid-November at most retailers. At the same time, the ZV-1 model costs roughly $748/£667/AU$1,099.

Sony's ZV-1F vlogging camera has a low price and a lot fewer features - The Verge

Features of Sony ZV-1F


It’s broad enough to self-shoot and cover a lot of ground, but it feels pretty constricting to creators. Suppose the lens is 20mm without accounting for the crop ratio. The comparable focal length is 30mm, which is too long for arms-length vlogging.

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A meaningful touchscreen interface on the touchscreen would be a major one for us. Giving vloggers a flippy screen so they can record themselves is okay. 

But the current ZV cameras’ advantage from it is negated by the fact that you can’t alter any of the settings. Instead of fumbling blindly around the buttons on the back of the camera.


Instead of depending on electronic stabilization, it forces an additional crop on the image. Hence we should see in-body image stabilization. 

Sony Announces New ZV-1F Vlogging Camera For Content Creators

What do the rumors about Sony say?

Sony ZV-1F will be the name of the new camera that Sony will be releasing, claims Sony Alpha Rumors. The 20mm f/2 lens, USB-C charging, 4K 24p, 1080p 60p video, and “new icons on the touchscreen” are among the rumor specifications.

The Sony ZV1, a camera that is already reasonably priced, will likely be more expensive than this one. Rumor has it that it will only shoot jpg (no RAW data), primarily targeting new vloggers.

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