Why upgrading to iOS 16 may have been a bad idea

If you only have your iPhone available, it may be best to wait before installing the iOS 16 and giving it a spin to see what all the fuss is about.

Those tuned in to WWDC 2022 know that Apple introduced many changes to the most recent version of iOS. In iOS 16, you won’t want to wait for the enhancements to the Home Screen and Lock Screen and the enhancements to apps like Messages, Shortcuts, and Weather. In September, it was made available to the public at large.

Some Annoying Bugs And Performance Problems.

While using any beta, you’re bound to encounter a few hiccups; the situation is almost always worse just before Apple releases a public beta. As a result, you may experience frustrating issues if you install the iOS 16 developer beta on your primary iPhone. If you already have a spare iPhone, joining the developer beta is not a waste of time.

Some of the problems with the iOS 16 beta are as follows:

  • Animations in Zoom may be sluggish after you’ve exited the Magnifier app.
  • Neither Apple TV nor a smart 2-enabled AirPlay TV can be used to send media from the Photos app.
  • Reinstalling Apple’s system apps may not be possible over a cellular connection alone.
  • CarPlay wireless connections can fail.
  • There have been reports of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE (3rd gen.) being unable to detect individuals using ARKit’s body tracking feature.
  • After restarting, the App Library can be temporarily unavailable.
  • Some features in the Photos app can’t be made because background processing sometimes fails.
  • Many Bluetooth gadgets may prevent you from using Precision Finding.
  • There’s a chance that your iPhone will stop talking to HomePod or Home Services.
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Although there are remedies for some of these problems Apple provides, you will still encounter many more. Early beta builds sometimes have issues, and one of the main ones is excessive battery depletion. Additionally, there is a more significant potential for problems on earlier iPhone models.

Not All of the New Features Are Going to Function Correctly.

You may be frustrated if you rush to install the iOS 16 beta to use all the new features before everyone else, only to discover that not all of them are functioning as intended. This is a common issue that will be fixed in time for the official release of iOS 16. Thus it’s best to wait till then to upgrade.

  • The Lock Screen emoji editor’s search bar might not be visible.
  • When creating an emoji wallpaper, you could not have access to the emoji modifiers menu.
  • If you push and hold the “Add Stop” button for an extended period while navigating, the map application may close without warning.
  • Shared Tab Groups in Safari are sensitive to accidental reordering, as it affects all users in the group.

Extra problems consist of:

It’s possible that the new subject-extracting cutout tool for photographs in Photos, Safari, and other apps won’t always function as intended. When viewing videos in Memories from the Photos app, tapping the play button does not resume the film.

Spotlight fails to locate photos shared by contacts in Messages.

 It’s possible that non-official apps won’t function as intended.

Some third-party apps may not work or often crash on the iOS 16 beta, although most should continue functioning normally. Programs are more likely to cause problems, but even routinely updated apps, like some banking apps, can still cause issues. The iOS 16 beta could also have problems running apps that rely on a set of developer tools that Apple has deprecated.

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For this reason, a backup should be made before upgrading to iOS 16 beta, preferably while still on iOS 15. While backing up to iCloud is the easiest option, it comes with a catch: iCloud only stores one backup at a time. It may produce a new copy when you use iOS 16, making your old backup unavailable. Unless you have an archived copy of your previous backup made in iOS 15, you will encounter the same problem if you want to back up your device to your PC instead.

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