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TechnologyHere all that you should know about Microsoft's 2022 Windows 11 update

Here all that you should know about Microsoft’s 2022 Windows 11 update

On September 20, Microsoft published the first significant upgrade for Windows 11. Further, the upgrade includes new security, productivity, accessibility, and gaming features. The operating system’s first birthday is quickly approaching. 

The Windows 11 Update Simplifies Using Your Computer

The latest Windows 11 update improves local and current events coverage on your Widgets board and provides a quicker—more precise search for the Start menu and Quick Settings. File Explorer, a long-requested feature, will be added to Windows 11 in October.

There are additional productivity features in Windows 11 

When Windows 11 first came out, it had functions aimed at multitaskers and those who desired better organization. Snap Layouts, open windows on your desktop, have recently received an upgrade. 

It gives them additional versatility and better touch navigation. The update offers focus sessions and a Do Not Disturb option to reduce interruptions. 

It disables taskbar badges, app notifications, and notification noise in our taskbar—the Clock App, which has timers to aid concentration and remind you to take breaks. 

The Windows 11 update includes additional features for accessibility

More realistic voices will be added to Windows 11’s built-in screen reader, enhancing the text-to-speech feature. Additionally, new system-wide live captioning capabilities will go beyond those of individual apps. 

By default, system-wide live captions will appear under the camera and at the top of the screen. But users can change the location of the captions to a separate floating window or the bottom of the screen. Additionally, live captions can now translate in-person discussions by recording microphone sounds. 

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Control and security for intelligent apps

The utility prevents script files and possibly harmful macros. 

In essence, the technology makes real-time predictions about an app’s safety. The feature is accessible for personal and professional usage and is on the same artificial intelligence. You receive a warning from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Microsoft has also improved identity protection and made password management more effortless.

Improved Tools for Video Calls and Content Creation

Windows Studio Effects, a new feature of the most recent version, can enhance audio and video chats. Voice Focus removes background noise, a backdrop blurring tool. Automatic Framing to follow you around as you move. The latest version of Windows 11 also includes the video editor Clipchamp.

Android Gamification Apps

The new gaming home page for the Edge Browser features streams, competitions, incentives, new titles, recently played Xbox Game Pass games, and more. Thus, accessing games is made simpler. 

Also, it includes an improved view of the Xbox Game Bar. Hence it allows for speedier access to recently played games and launchers. 

Greener Elements

The most recent patch for Windows 11 seeks to make it simpler to lower your device’s carbon footprint. It could reduce carbon emissions when devices are plugged in, powered on, and connected to the internet. Microsoft claimed to reduce emissions when computers are idle. It also modified the default power settings for sleep and screen off.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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