Apple is considering removing sim-card slots, will be adapting to e-sims

With only two days till its release, the iPhone 14 unveiling is the talk of the town. For quite some time, rumors have circulated that the forthcoming iPhone 14 series will feature updated designs. According to a recent source, Apple has given the physical SIM card slot for the iPhone 14 considerable thought.

Will Apple Only Support e-SIM on the iPhone 14?

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Apple has been working on innovative designs for the iPhone series. However, the iPhone models from the iPhone series seem remarkably similar. In the most recent interview, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman explains the new iPhone design. Also, he reveals that Apple has been debating whether to do away with the SIM card slot in the upcoming iPhone.

Details About iPhone 14 and iPhone 15

According to a source, Apple has internally considered the notion of an iPhone 14 that doesn’t require a SIM card. However, it is at least for some versions. 

Additionally, he clarifies that the iPhone 15 is more likely than the iPhone 14 series to forgo a SIM card port in the upcoming model year. The move is part of Apple’s more significant push toward e-SIM and a smartphone without a port.

Details of Apple e-SIM


As carriers get poised to push users to utilize digital, embedded SIM cards are employed rather than physical ones. Furthermore, Apple will this time promote eSIM more vigorously. For some models, Apple has thought about doing away with the physical SIM card port, starting this year or next year. 

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Soon, iPhones without ports may be released

As the name implies, an e-SIM is a digital SIM that has been used for a while. Users can activate cellular plans without a physical SIM card. Although the technology is developing, not all markets enable e-SIM. It may also be the rationale behind Apple’s potential decision to release the iPhone 15 without a SIM card port in 2019.

Elimination of SIM card slot

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One of Apple’s first moves toward an iPhone without ports might be eliminating the SIM card slot. EU regulators are pushing Apple to move to a USB Type-C connector and cable. As a result of its universality and potential to minimize e-waste.

Apple might also advocate a port-free design that solely supports wireless charging simultaneously. On September 7, we’ll learn more about the iPhone 14 selection and availability at the Apple event.

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