Meta and Qualcomm sign a deal on custom VR chipsets

Meta Platforms Inc. (METS.O) announced this at a consumer electronics convention. Moreover, it is in Berlin on September 2, 2022. Also, Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) has agreed to create specialized chipsets. Subsequently, it is for its Quest virtual reality (VR) devices.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platforms Statement

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platforms power the chips. Accordingly, the production will come from a joint effort. Hence this collaborative effort is by the engineering and product teams of the two firms. This information is available as per a statement.

Details about the Agreement with Meta and Qualcomm

Qualcomm at IFA 2022: Meta partnership and more announced | NextPit

The agreement demonstrates Meta’s dependence on Qualcomm’s technology. As it even works to create its proprietary silicon for its augmented, mixed, and virtual reality devices. Also, until a year ago, Meta was known to all by the name Facebook.

Video Message of Mark Zuckerberg 

Hiltzik: Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta plunge - Los Angeles Times

Mark Zuckerberg is the Meta Chief Executive. Mark makes a video message. As per that, “unlike mobile phones, constructing VR brings fresh multidimensional issues in spatial computing, cost, and form factor.”

He then added, “This kind of in-depth technical integration will help VR advance toward becoming a multifunctional computing platform. In order, they were still in the early stages of the metaverse.”

Investments Done by Meta in Technologies

Meta has been aggressively investing in technologies. Moreover, it includes pass-through goggles and augmented reality glasses. Hence it works to realize Zuckerberg’s vision for the metaverse. Also, the metaverse is a notion incorporating an immersive collection of virtual worlds.

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Usage of Qualcomm CPUs in Different Devices

Several years ago, it used Qualcomm CPUs in its VR devices. It includes the most recent Quest2 headset.

Message from Meta Representative

Tyler Yee is a representative for Meta. According to Tyler, the chipsets created through the partnership won’t be proprietary to Meta. But will be tailored specifically for Quest’s system requirements. The deal’s financial details weren’t made public.

Yee also said that the agreement only applies to VR devices. And also, Meta will continue to work on creating some of its silicon solutions.

Moreover, Tyler Yee said, there may be times when we use commercially available silicon or work with business partners. It is on adaptations. It is while they are simultaneously researching our innovative silicon solutions. Additionally, there may be circumstances where they combine partner and unique solutions. Hence this combines into a single product.

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