Samsung reveals that customer data for July is leaked to hackers

Samsung has acknowledged a data breach that may have exposed consumers’ private information.

The company claimed in a brief notice it issued at the end of July that an “unauthorised third party got information about the breach. According to a statement, the corporation discovered a breach that exposed client information on August 4.

How did Samsung discover the hacking?

Samsung discloses data breach after July hack

According to Samsung, sensitive information such as Social Security and credit card numbers were not compromised. However, names, email addresses, birth dates, and product registration data were compromised.

The affected data may be different for each potentially affected consumer. Customers are being informed via this notice to raise their awareness of the situation.

South Korean conglomerate Samsung has acknowledged a cybersecurity incident that led to unauthorized access to some customer information.

 According to the ongoing investigation, the private information of some consumers had been compromised.

What all happened in the breach?

Samsung Confirms Data Breach Affecting Users In US: All Details

Samsung reported that hackers gained access to information including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, and product registration information.

The company said that consumers’ Social Security numbers and debit and credit card details were not compromised in a statement. Still, it did highlight that the specific information exposed for each affected customer may vary.

Samsung spokesperson Chris Langlois explained that demographic data refers to consumer information. it is used for marketing and advertising, although he did not elaborate on what types of information this entails. According to Langlois, customers supply information such as the date of purchase, the product’s model, and the device ID when they register for service.

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 Samsung did not alert customers for more than a month. Although the hack was announced hours before a U.S. vacation weekend commemorating Labor Day.

Most importantly, Langlois said, “we recognize how essential their privacy is,”. He said, “we wanted to tell our consumers to make them aware of this situation even while the inquiry is ongoing.”

Is Samsung working on cybersecurity?

The statement continued that data is used to improve the quality of the company’s products and services. Firstly, What number of consumers were affected, and who was responsible for the intrusion? Secondly, why it took nearly a month for the corporation to disclose the breach are all mysteries.

Along with informing users, Samsung has hired a third-party cybersecurity firm to manage the response activities. Additionally, it has already begun securing the affected systems.

Furthermore, it warns users to look for abnormal activity in their accounts.

This news arrived shortly after Samsung reported a similar issue less than six months ago. It was admitted confidential information following an attack by the LAPSUS$ extortion group in March 2022. Samsung said that the Galaxy smartphone source code had been compromised.

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