iPhone 14 Leaks: It will now have a shimmering purple finish and a change of tones

The earlier leaks of the iPhone 14 have already revealed many details about the phone. Now there is a new link on the Chinese Social Media platform regarding the phone’s color. Well, it says that the next iPhone 14 Pro is an entirely new shade of purple. Hence, it suggests a greater focus on material design. 

Latest information Regarding iPhone Colors

The latest information depicts five hues of the color purple for Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Furthermore, it includes models in silver, graphite, and gold. These are likely to be found in stores right now.

A deeper blue hue can also be in the store. Additionally, the famous purple will be in store. In a subsequent view, the purple model is again visible along with the initial three colors.

Detailed information about the Color Leak of iPhone 14 Pro

 What do we know about the Purple iPhone 14? 

The purple appears dark and saturated in the photographs. Then when you change the angle, it seems lighter and more metallic. On the back of a phone, phone manufacturers often use layers of materials. 

It provides a shimmering effect and seems to alter when light is reflected from different angles. It depends on the model and color. 

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Unveiling the Green iPhone 14

iPhones are made of similar materials. In the green Apple iPhone 13 this year, you can observe the differences in the layering effects.

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The color of choice in the past has been rose gold. But it appears lighter. Since yellower champagne, gold tones have prevailed over rosier shades. 

The Color of the Year : Pantone

The fact that “Very Peri,” a periwinkle purple, is the Pantone color of the year for 2022. Apple rarely finds itself in the position of becoming Samsung’s quick follower. But when the manufacturer of folding phones is correct, it’s best to go with the flow.

Watching how long the purple phase lasts will be intriguing. The new Pantone color of the year will be in December. And if history indicates, the following Samsung flagship phones will go on sale. It is in early spring or late February.

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What all colors are available in the market?

The lovely new burgundy and light blue colors of the Galaxy S22 Ultra are available right now. There is a green option as well to match the Apple iPhone 13. Although Samsung’s most costly Galaxy S model, the Ultra, does not now come in Bora purple to fit its most recent smartphones. But it would not be difficult for the company to do so in the future.

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