How the iPhone 14’s seemingly impossible new feature will actually work!

The tech world witnessed a major revolution coming before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 14. Apple may have shed light on the mysterious new feature of the iPhone 14. How will this new technology work, and what is its significance? We will unravel it all in this article.

Above all, It is widely speculated that the “notch” will be removed at the top of Apple’s next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max display. So, where will the technical equipment go? There are several reports which have suggested the replacement of the notch. It is with a brief excerpt in the screen’s presentation. This will change the whole look of the phone’s screen, bringing a brand-new experience for the users. 

What about the equipment placed with the notch?

It is unclear, however, how precisely that will happen in these new models. Firstly, The notch has housed numerous types of equipment. For instance, Infrared sensors, ambient light, the front camera, and other equipment, such as a microphone and loudspeaker. Secondly, All this equipment contributes to the size of the notch.

The receipt of the patent and rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro will lack a notch indicates that Apple may be considering doing away with the hardware altogether.

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Why has Apple filed a new patent?

According to Apple’s newly filed and published patent, a “slightly folded projector” is one way. The company could lessen the prominence of that notch. In addition, This technology minimizes the sensors’ footprint, freeing up more room for the display.

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That would operate by repositioning the infrared emitter, which shines a beam of light on the user. The phone’s sensors can read the user’s face and unlock the device through this technology.

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Why did Apple try to reduce the notch size in previous models?

Between the iPhone 12 and 13, Apple has already shrunk the notch. Most importantly, The notch will no longer have a speaker or a microphone. The notch will no longer be a part of the iPhone’s screen. They moved these to the display’s border to have an ample screen ratio. That’s why the users felt that there was a bigger display screen.

Above all, Previous attempts have been made to conceal or reduce the size of smartphone parts using similar methods. Some other gadgets, for instance, utilize a “periscope lens” that reflects light within the phone. This enables extended zooms without needing as much room.

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