Spears Conservatorship Update: Released a long Ranting YouTube Video accusing her parents

On August 28th, Britney Spears posted a lengthy 22-minute audio rant on YouTube. She accused her parents of abusing her. The singer claimed about the conservatorship, which ended this past April after 15 years. Most importantly, she claimed it was a planned strategy after meeting the unnamed woman. We will catch more details about it.

Spears spoke in a lengthy interview about her period under conservatorship. Most importantly, her father, Jamie, had authority over her decisions and finances. 

Britney Spears' mother hits back at her daughter for blaming her for conservatorship

 What did she claim in the video?

Spears opened the video claiming she was offered “plenty of possibilities.” This includes a large sum of money from Oprah Winfrey to tell her tale. The singer continued by saying she was hesitant to share her story earlier in the year. She feared being judged or scolded but was now “confident” enough to tell the world.

Firstly, She said her violent father “punished” her with conservatorship in 2008 when she was 25. This was over a decade after she became a music celebrity following what she considered a terrible upbringing. Secondly, Spears said they implemented a restrictive system. This resulted from her accidentally speaking to one of her doctors with a British accent. Lastly, She said the system made her feel like a “prisoner in her own house.” Most importantly, she “was not permitted to see anybody.”

Why was her father controlling her?

 She now realizes her father’s intention to get control. She explained that her mother “helped him follow through and make it all happen.” Spears says on the tape that it was a planned game. No narcotics or alcohol had made their way into my system. Additionally, Nothing except utter cruelty, she said. The singer claimed horrible past experiences.

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Britney Spears' father spied on her using secret listening device, ex-FBI agent claims | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

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What happened during her Vegas Residency?

Spears made several shocking claims about her speaking out during dress rehearsals for her canceled Vegas residency Nomination. Against her will, She was coerced into entering a mental health institution. Her father told her to listen to the physicians.

 Lastly, Spears has shown greater dissatisfaction with her mother. She believed that her mother failed to advocate for her. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Jamie to undergo a deposition on his time spent as conservator over her. 

Spears went through a lot in her life. She rants about all in this Youtube video. She even claimed that how all this took a toll on her mental health.

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