Lucky Paradise Chapter 61: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Fans of this exceptionally beautiful series seem to be very excited to read Lucky Paradise Chapter 61. The upcoming chapters are awaited as the couple’s relationship progresses throughout. Read the article to find the release date and where to read!

Lucky Paradise (럭키 파라다이스) is a Korean Yaoi manhwa, basically revolving around the sports school life with a tinge of romance, drama and comedy. The storyline and illustration are by author Kang Neuk. It was published in 2020 by Bomtoon and Kidari Studio. It was licensed by Lezhin Comics in 2021, making it available in English as well. The series is currently ongoing, has an interesting dynamic with spectacular chemistry and amazing art.

lucky paradise chapter 61

Juggling school life, one fine fortunate day, Ho-in accidentally crosses path with Chunwoo. However, their encounter isn’t all that jazz because Ho-in literally falls into his arms while running for his class. But Ho-in’s day worsens when smears his pickle juice all over Chunwoo, the same day. Feeling deeply sorry for his mistakes, Ho-in decides to follow him to his home. Strangely, when he wakes up the following day, he is in Chunwoo’s bed. Theirs once a chance encounter, turns into a new routine and life takes a beautiful turn.

Lucky Paradise Chapter 61: Major Characters

Eun Chunwoo 

Chunwoo in Lucky Paradise

Chunwoo is handsome, well-built and has black hair. Quite intimidating for someone who meets him for the first time. His intense eyes could give the feeling that he is cold-hearted. Well, that’s what Ho-in felt.

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Jung Ho-in

ho-in in Lucky Paradise

Ho-in is a loving boy, a sunshine with perfect brown hair, and a bit clumsy – his encounters are proof. Though, he is a cliche, pervy main character as per his friend Woojin’s judgement because he bumped into Chunwoo.

Lucky Paradise Chapter 61: Release Date

The viewers might have to wait before the Chapter 61 premiers. As the series gets updates every Thursday, we can expect it to be on screens on 03 February, 2022.

Where to read?

This webtoon is something manhwa lovers shouldn’t miss. You can read the webtoon on Bomtoon. However, for English readers, it is available on Lezhin US.

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