Fuel Pass Gov lk Registration 2022 Info & Guide

Lodge in Sri Lanka? Then you have definitely heard of Fuel Pass Registration. Amid the fuel Crisis in the Country, people need to stand in long queues at fuel stations. Due to black marketing, the problem of fair distribution becomes a concern.

This forced the authorities to introduce a QR system. The aim of Fuel Pass Gov Registration is to provide fuel to the public in an orderly manner amidst its energy crisis. This fuel pass will guarantee a weekly quota to every vehicle owner. Both petrol and diesel will be applicable for the national fuel pass.

Online Registration for the National Fuel Pass has already begun. According to the tweet on August 12th around 5.8 Million users have been registered to the national fuel pass.

Through this article, we will give you information about the national fuel pass system 2022, the features of the system, and the guidelines to register with the national fuel pass system. We will also assist you on how to register for the national fuel Pass

What Is National Fuel Pass?

The Sri Lankan Power and Energy Ministry have created a new way to distribute fuel called the National Fuel Pass. This is a convenient and easily accessible solution to obtain fuel.

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It is applicable for both petrol and diesel. Citizens can register for the Fuel Pass at This fuel pass allows a guaranteed weekly fuel quota.

This allocation-based fuel distribution method is developed together with a technology partner, the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). The solution has been implemented at all outlets managed by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Lanka IOC.

Nonetheless, it applies only to one vehicle per passport number, NIC (National Identity Card). Business owners can also use their business registration numbers.

After verifying the chassis number, identity details, and other essential information, vehicle owners will be given a QR code. It can be used to get petrol or diesel two days a week. The system allocates two specific days according to the last digit of the vehicle number plate, which are as follows:

Last Digit of the Vehicle NumberDays of the Week for Fuel
0, 1, 2Monday and Thursday
3, 4, 5Tuesday and Friday
6, 7, 8, 9Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

National Fuel Pass Features

  • It guarantees our national fuel quota.
  • It is not applicable for public transport.
  • There will be one  (NIC) / Passport No. / Business Registration No.) for one vehicle.

Rules for National Fuel Pass Login and Registration

Before proceeding to the Fuelpass registration and login process, you must familiarize yourself with essential rules and regulations.

  • One NIC, BRN, or passport can be used for only one vehicle and mobile number.
  • It is not mandatory to match the name and address mentioned in the vehicle ownership certificate with the name and address in NIC.
  • Vehicles registered on companies or government should be registered with NIC
  • Multiple vehicle registration for these bodies will begin shortly.
  • The fuel quota allocation will differ for each vehicle category, which is yet to be announced by the Ministry.
  • Registration can be processed at
  • Each vehicle registered requires a unique mobile number to be assigned.
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Vehicles Eligible for National Fuel Pass Registration

The following vehicle categories are eligible for National Fuel Pass registration in Sri Lanka.

  • Car
  • Taxi
  • Van
  • Bus,
  • Lorry
  • Bike
Information Regarding National Fuel Pass Sri Lanka 
PassNational fuel Pass
Mandatory DocumentsNational Identity Card (NIC) / Passport No. / Business Registration No.
Public TransportNo registration Needed
AimFor efficient fuel distribution
Registration ModeOnline
Platform to registerOn the official website
Departmentdepartment of power and energy


Guidelines to follow while Registering for the National Fuel Pass system

    • Should keep the National Identity Card (NIC) number, passport number, or business registration number with yourself.
    • Public transport doesn’t have any limitations by the national fuel pass system.

How to Register for the National Fuel Pass 2022?

It’s really easy peasy to register yourself with the national fuel pass system. You just need to follow some steps mentioned below:
  • To register for a Fuel Pass, visit the official website of the national fuel pass system-
  • On the home page, you will find the button titled register
  • Tap on the button and fill up your details
  • Register yourself by using the National Identity Card number, passport number, or business registration number followed by the mobile number.
  • It will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. Fill up the OTP in the given space.
  • Now, it will ask for your personal details including your first name last name, and address.
  • Then fill up your vehicle details including vehicle number, type, chassis number, and the vehicle type.
  • After submitting this information you will get a QR code.
  • Download and take a printout of this QR code.
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You can use this printout at fuel outlets. The staff at the station will scan the QR code and validate the eligibility and allocation of fuel, and provide fuel within the available balance.

Once the requested liter quantity is processed, users will receive a confirmation message on their registered mobile number.

What do if QR Code got misplaced?

No need to panic! Users can log in to and enter the mobile number to retrieve the QR code or via SMS by typing Fuel QR Vehicle Number and sending it to 0766220000.

Users can also check their fuel quota balance by visiting the website and logging in with their mobile number or via SMS by typing Fuel Bal Vehicle Number and sending it to 0766220000.

Company and Gov vehicles/bikes can now be registered under the Business Registration Category (BRN).

How to Check Fuel Balance Sri Lanka 2022?

Visit the Official website to check Fuel Balance Sri Lanka- Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 0766220000 with the text “FUEL BAL” and your vehicle number.

How To Fuelpass Login & Register Now?

FuelPass Login & Register Now – Site Link

How to get a QR code for fuel in Sri Lanka

For this, you require to visit the Official website and fill up a registration form.

Can I Register for Two Vehicles with One NIC?

Per the current guidelines and rules, you are not allowed to register for Fuel Pass using a NIC

What Is the Helpline Number for National Fuel Pass in Sri Lanka?

The customer care number for National Fuel Pass is 1919.

Can I Carry Forward My Weekly Fuel Quota to the Next Week?

The answer is NO. You cannot do that. You can’t carry forward your quota

At Which Fuel Stations is FuelPass Accepted?

The National Fuel Pass is accepted at all IOC and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC or CEYPETCO) stations.

How do I use my fuel pass to get petrol or Diesel in Sri Lanka?

By showing your QR code to the staff at the Fuel Outlet

That’s all about National Fuel Pass Registration 2022. I hope this brief guide answered all your queries. In case of any query, drop down a comment.

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