4 Android games you need to have on your phone:

The world is changing fast. At a certain point in time, we did not have games on our phones except for the snake one and the ball. I can’t even remember their names right now. As we advanced in technology, the phones were becoming better day by day and now we are at the point where there are amazing games in your phone. The people are busy so they just want to have a fun game, so that they can enjoy the little time they have in their hands. So, here is the list o some games that you will love. The list is random and in no particular order.


One of the simplest games out there on the play store. The graphics are not that high but it has a dark, grey kind of vibe. The whole game is just you sliding down a hill and there are obstacles that you have to overcome. The game is beautifully made and it’s free to play. The game of course has some things that you can buy but those are totally optional. I have gone hours and hours playing this game without getting bored.

4 Android games you need to have on your phone:


Asphalt franchise is one of the biggest game franchises on phone right now. With their latest release, they have kinda a monopoly in racing game markets. They have the highest range of cars in their game with more than 50. There are races with high staked and great prices. The graphics are extraordinary. Of course, the size of the game is high but you have to try this hell of a game.

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4 Android games you need to have on your phone:


Call Of Duty is one of the most played games on PC and Consoles. It has the highest number of players connected with more than a billion hours of game time experience. Now they have come to mobile to dominate the multiplayer game industry. PUBG was the dominating game for many years on mobile too. But COD mobile gives a better gaming experience than PUBG on mobile.

4 Android games you need to have on your phone:


I have to be honest with you guys. Critical Ops is just like Counter-Strike Go. The graphics look the same. The controls are almost the same, the looks of the game are the same. But again, the game is for phones with fewer features than actual CS go. The game has many improvements since it was released with better stability now. It’s a multiplayer game that you guys should check out.

4 Android games you need to have on your phone:

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