One Punch Man Chapter 163: Release Date and Read Manga Online

One Punch Man Chapter 163 release date is announced, it is set to release this week on 24th April 2022. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.

There will be some delay in the RAW release and the release of the translated version. This Countdown will help you track the release of One Punch Man Chapter 163.



One Punch Man Chapter 163 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 163 release date is announced, it is set to release this week on 24th April 2022. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.

One Punch Man Chapter 163 Raw Scan Release Date

As the release date for Chapter 163 of One Punch Man is set for 24th April, Many people are wondering if they could find the raw scan of the chapter. Well they could, this is because the raw scan of a particular chapter releases 2-3 days before the release of the actual chapter. Therefore you can find One Punch Man Chapter 163 Raw Scan on Internet communities such as 4chan and Reddit.

One Punch Man Chapter 162 Recap

The salvage mission for “Greatest Hero” started with Lightning Max and different legends. Notwithstanding, they really do see some problems on the opposite side of the island. It was just the shockwaves brought about by Garou and Saitama’s fight. From the beginning, the annihilation was at a record-breaking high. Saitama was confounded regarding the reason why he had started a fight with him in any case. Then again, Garou was not in that frame of mind to tune in.

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Saitama became incensed by this and charged at him for neglecting to tune in. Garou contemplated that he could never accomplish outright insidious except if he eliminated Saitama from the situation.

Garou became mindful of his body’s modified reaction this time. His solidarity was spilling over because of all the rage. Tareo was feeling better to see his uncle since he was all around as solid as they were. Be that as it may, the animal was not satisfied to see him.

Garou was tired of him, alluding to him as a legend. Saitama misjudged everything going on and accepted he was making the youth sob. Saitama then taunted him by inquiring as to whether he would strike him as a ‘Chicken.’ Saitama finished the part by smacking Garou in a solitary movement.

One Punch Man Chapter 163 Expectations

The showdown between Saitama and Garou will keep on warming up in the following section of One Punch Man. Garou’s muscles and arms have been built up, yet this is just the start of the battle. There is something else to come in this part. This battle will incorporate extra goes after like Serious Table Flip, as with the webcomic. In any case, fans are disappointed with the manner in which the battle is created.

About One Punch Man Chapter 

Saitama is watching the news when he hears about Vaccine Man assaulting Z-City. Saitama resolves to confront the beast after witnessing the devastation

One Punch Man Chapter 163: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Just in time, Saitama arrives on the scene to save a young girl from Vaccine Man. The monster inquires about Saitama. “I’m just a man who pretends to be a hero for fun,” Saitama responds. Saitama kills the monster with a single punch after grudgingly listening to its angry tirade and seeing its change. After that, he cries in exasperation at yet another easy win.

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Sometime after, Saitama hears about a Demon-level disaster emergency stemming from the destruction of D-City by the brothers. Saitama appears on the monstrous Marugori’s shoulder and tells him to put some pants on. Marugori’s brother, who is on his other shoulder, orders his brother to swat Saitama.

However, Marugori absentmindedly swats the wrong shoulder, instantly killing his brother. Enraged, Marugori grabs Saitama, throws him to the ground, and assaults him with a flurry of punches, leaving a large hole in the ground.

One Punch Man Chapter 163: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Saitama jumps out of the hole and punches Marugori to the ground with a single punch. As Marugori topples over, Saitama states that having an overwhelming power is boring. Unfortunately, Saitama’s blow causes Marugori to fall on top of B-City and destroy it.

Saitama runs into Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II on his way home. Saitama kills the monster with one punch after the monster shouts about his background. In his dream, the Subterranean People attack him and engage him in a thrilling battle. The voice of the true Subterranean People awakens Saitama. Saitama kills the leader in an instant, and his followers flee.

While Saitama laments his emotionless life, a mosquito land on his hand. After unsuccessfully swatting at it, it flies off and leaves Saitama enraged. Saitama then sees a news report about a mosquito swarm headed toward his city. Saitama pursues the mosquito he had been trying to kill and encounters Genos fighting mosquito girl.

How to Read One Punch Man Chapter 163 Online?

You Can Officially Read One Punch Man Chapter 163 on Viz.

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