Blue Period Chapter 52: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Blue Period Chapter 52 is scheduled to release soon. Fans are eager to read the upcoming chapters of the manga.

Blue Period is a Japanese coming-of-age series written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. This manga is being published in the Monthly Afternoon magazine. It has eleven volumes and it’s been running since 2017. The series has gotten famous in a short time. It’s also been adapted into an anime that is directed by Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano.

More about Blue Period

Yatora Yaguchi is a popular high school student who also excels in their studies. Despite his popularity and friends, Yaguchi still feels empty.

The normal and dull life frustrates him. He feels jealous of people with the ability to do things differently. As he spends his days stressed about the emptiness, he comes across a life-changing portrait.

There’s an art club in his high school, where he sees a painting that fascinates him. The colors in that painting mesmerize him so much as to inspire him to paint. His friend Ryuji Ayukawa, urges him to join their school’s art club.

As he enjoys painting, he wishes to apply to the Tokyo University of the Arts. One day, he makes a painting that conveys his emotions.

He chooses to pursue art as his profession. But his parents are doubtful about his career choice. He also has to put in more effort and learn more techniques than he expected to. Moreover, his peers are more experienced than him so he needs to level up.

Blue Period Chapter 52 Release Date

The release date of Blue Period Chapter 52 hasn’t been announced by the publishers. We can expect it to release soon.

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Read Blue Period Chapter 52 Online

You can read the manga on MangaPlus and VizMedia. The anime is available to watch on Netflix.

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