Oklahoma’s Reformation: After Medical Marijuana’s Market Growth

Medical marijuana‘s licensed business growth led to the growth of the black market which has become a matter of concern for the government officials at Oklahoma. However, government official Stitt has said that past cannot be changed but efforts are being made to enforce new laws and bring the new Oklahoma’s reformation.

The Rise of Marijuana’s Business

Inside a quiet stretch of U.S. Josh Blevins, a former construction engineer from Texas, bought a farming yard that legalized medical marijuana about four years ago. In Oklahoma, more than 12,000 marijuana-related businesses are licensed and almost each one owns a medical marijuana business.

Josh has capitalized the business building it onto the next level with another 10,000 square-foot warehouses and growing the commercials that he has created from seed to sale, he named his two dispensaries Twister Roo – in Moore and Noble.

marijuana's business

Blevins believes this is both a learning and growing opportunity at the same time. He said in an interview that he eyes the expansion of the business to other states with upcoming marijuana growth.

Marijuana’s Business: The Future Plans

Josh Blevins said in an interview “What we’re doing here is kind of building the picture that we want to duplicate in other states, just copy and paste.”Officials at Oklahoma medical Marijuana Authority said in an interview that “We’ve been able to inspect only a quarter of licensed marijuana businesses.”

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Marijuana's business: The future plans

The Government at Oklahoma said that we’ve tied our hands as we regulate the industry. He sees this as a major problem as the businesses are growing inside the community and it should be brought under control.

Stitt said that the low cost of getting a license for the businesses and lack of check over the growth of businesses has aggravated the black market in Oklahoma that might require reformation in the future. He also added that one cannot change the past but can learn from it and change the future and we’ve been working well to bring the right leaders on board and reform the laws for the betterment of the future at Oklahoma.

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