Second Gentleman Was Rushed Out Following Bomb Threat

While the nation loves Doug Emhoff, the Second Gentleman of the United States of America and husband to Vice President Kamala Harris, was recently victim to a bombing scare on Tuesday at a high school event.

He was safely escorted out of the building when the police discovered the threats, but later it was established that the threat was baseless and there were no bombs found on the premises of the institution. Do you want to learn more about this incident? Then let’s dive right in!

More About The Incident Which Took Place on Tuesday

The reports came from Washington, DC, where Doug Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris’ spouse, was aupposed to speak at a Black History Month event at the Museum of Dunbar History, an adjunct of the Dunbar High School in the capital state of the USA.

A spokesperson from the District of Columbia Public Schools, Enrique Gutierrez, revealed to the pool reporter that a threat regarding a bomb being planted in the arena of the school triggered a quick evacuation for Mr Emhoff’s safety. He was rushed out of the room by a Secret Service Agent, according to the report. At around 2 in the afternoon, the school intercom announced that the teachers should evacuate the school immediately.

While severe confusion and distress followed the announcement, noone has been harmed in anyway and Gutierrez has considered that as a win. He said they were commendably quick to take action and had evaluated the situation with utmost efficiency. The loss could have been a major one but nothing happened, so it was a positive thing. He could not divulge any further information regarding the incident.

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The Reactions of the Government Personnel to This Empty Bomb Threat

Jen Pskai, the White House press secretary, did not add any new information regarding this isolated incident, during her press briefing on Tuesday.

Katie Peters, the spokesperson who works on Emhoff’s behalf, tweeted declaring the Second Gentleman’s safety and said he is safe and the school has been evacuated and secured by the concerned personnel. “We are grateful to Secret Service and D.C. Police for their work,” she added.

Quite sadly, bombing threats is not new for the schools in and around Washington, DC. This report joins the row of a dozen other historically Black educational institutions across the state receiving bomb threats only last week. The US government has condemned these acts, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces had launched an immediate investigation into them to prevent such confusion in future. The investigating team has identified six juveniles as potential suspects in the bomb threats case, as reported by the New York Times.

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