50 Iranian MP’s Test COVID-19 Postive Omicron

50 Iranian MP’s test COVID-19 positive. A senior MP said on Saturday that some 50 members of Iran’s 290-seat parliament have contracted Covid-19 virus as the omicron variant spreads across the country.


50 Iranian MP’s Test COVID-19 Positive: Highlights

50 Iranian member of parliament has tested COVID positive as the omicron cases rise in the country.

MP Alireza Salimi while speaking to YJC – a news agency linked to Iran’s state TV said that this week the parliamentary seating would be held in line with the health regulations.

Members of parliament
Members of parliament

50 Iranian MP’s Test COVID-19 Positive: Full Story

The member of parliament Alireza Salimi said that the weekly parliament sessions would be held while following COVID rules and according to the health regulations.

The parliament was suspended for almost two weeks last April due to increasing COVID cases in the parliament. Many MP’s test positive for COVID in the parliament. Earlier in the pandemic, many lawmakers lost their lives due to COVID-19 virus.

Iran sees a surge in COVID cases even after mass vaccination which is cause of concern for the country. Recently, it has reported an average of nearly thirty thousand cases a day which is a huge amount. Iran is a population of nearly 85 millions. It has reported more than 6.5 million cases and more than 132,500 COVID related deaths since the pandemic began.

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According to sources, more than 50 million people have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, and more than nineteen million have received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine. The world is fighting with the COVID-19 virus. The virus took lives of many people.

Iran is waiting for the peak of COVID-19 virus to cross the country so that the cases could reduce and the people can go back to their normal lives without any COVID rules. This virus is really dangerous and the government of Iran has asked the people to maintain social distance and follow COVID rules so that they can beat the COVID-19 virus.

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