Stay Indoors: Winter Storm Bringing Snow/Ice to Cincinnati

It has recently been revealed that there is going to be a winter storm in London that will bring huge amounts of snow and ice. It is estimated that the amount of snow could be around as long as 2000 miles. It is most probably headed towards Cincinnati.

The weather might cause great harm as it is very hazardous. Along with that it is also predicted that the temperature will fall below zero degrees on the night of Friday. In our present article we are going to provide the details as to what might happen in the prevailing circumstances. 

Details About The Weather in Cincinnati

Winter storm is supposed to be there on Friday. The warning is given from Thursday midnight till 7 am on Friday. There Is a possibility of a huge amount of precipitation along with the rain, and will most likely affect the regions of Indiana, North and Central Kentucky and Southwest Ohio.

The ice sheet is estimated to be 1-3 inches in Cincinnati. It is badly going to impact the roads. Due to this warning people are advised not to go out after morning on Friday. It is better for everyone to stay at home.

Each Day Forecast in Cincinnati

1. Tuesday

It is most likely for the weather to be sunny on Tuesday. There are chances of raining after 3 am followed by very less amounts of rainfall and precipitation.

2. Wednesday

It will most probably rain after 7 in the morning with a temperature of around 44. There might be precipitation between 3-4 inches. 

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3. Thursday

It is going to be around 35, with chances of Rain before 9am. After which there will be cold rain then snow till 4pm. Everything will be covered up in snow after 10pm. Ice around 0.2-0.4 inches will be there. 

4. Friday

The sky will be covered in clouds.

5. Saturday

It is going to be sunny.

6. Sunday

It is going to be sunny most of the time. 

7. Monday

It will be somewhat sunny.


As we all know that there is going to be dangerous snow in Cincinnati, it is advised for the people to take precautions. It is better to stay indoors to prevent car crashes or any other kind of road accident when the roads are bad due to the storm.

You might also face power failure and other problems inside your homes but chances are that you will be safe comparatively. You better enjoy your evening by having a nice meal near a fireplace, but it’s better to be extremely careful.

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