Another Black Man Shot by the Minneapolis Police

In a shocking incident, footage released by the Minneapolis police shows another black man being shot by the Minneapolis police. The police had a no-knock warrant against him. That means that they were authorized to enter his property without asking for his permission or informing him of their visit. The footage was recorded by the webcam of a police officer.

The Whole Story: Man Shot by the Minneapolis Police

On entering the apartment, the police were confronted with a man sleeping under a blanket. He was apparently in the possession of a gun.  As the officers woke him up, he is seen to be carrying a gun. The footage shows three shots being fired. The police have stated that the officer had to make a split-second decision as to whether or not there was a threat of great bodily harm.

As per them, had the officer delayed his action, there could have been serious and fatal consequences for the officer. The attorney of the man who was shot has stated that he was in possession of a legal weapon and mere presence of the weapon could not be construed as a threat.

As per the police department, the name of the officer who shot the man is Officer Mark Hanneman. The man shot by the Minneapolis police is  Amir Locke. The police have stated that we was provided immediate medical aid. Further investigation is underway.

The Outburst

The news of another black man being shot by the Minneapolis police has been met with many outbursts by the Human Rights groups. In 2020, the Minneapolis police have shot another black man, George Floyd.

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That had led to a national outburst. In it ake the police department had stated that they would take actions to minimize such fatal encounters. The use of no-knock warrants was also planned to be reduced. However, this incident has once again highlighted how such warrants prove to be fatal for the people of color in the United States.

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