Chinese Government Might Attack Taiwan in 2022: Read All the Latest News and Updates on Chinese Military

Even before the onset of 2022, world politics has been harboring talks to a possible Taiwan invasion by the People’s Republic of China. Renowned war journalists and political strategists have been observing the tension between the two neighbors. Now, the Chinese ambassador to the US capital has given an alarming warning that the United States of America and China could end up embroiled in a war over the disputed land of Taiwan.

The two formidable countries have had a lot of tension rise between them over the fate of the island. So, is the Chinese Military finally ready to take over Taiwan with their superior military weapons and far bigger army? To find out more on this topic, continue to read this article.

Clashes between the Chinese Government and the US Government over Taiwan

The Chinese ambassador Qin Gang has mentioned that his government suspects the United States is backing Taiwan to gain their complete independence from China. And he also said that if the US keeps trying to “embolden” Taiwan, China will not steer clear of going down a road of warfare and military conflict with the United States.

Qin Gang said this in his first-ever live one-on-one interview with NPR since setting foot in the US in July of 2021. The Chinese government, which have their headquarters in Beijing, have maintained their stance that they do not support the US backing Taiwan. The Taiwan government wants to maintain sovereignty in its self-governed island country. But China demands otherwise.

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Chinese Military

Chinese Military shows hostility towards Taiwan’s self-government system

Chinese bureaucrats rarely talk about war so openly. So, Qin mentioned some expected hostility between the two major countries–US and China–but he also did say that China always aims and strives for “peaceful unification”. In a virtual meeting held in November of last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping had made a remark to American President Joe Biden that had a grave undertone to it.

He said anyone aiming for Taiwan’s independence was “playing with fire”. This did not directly mean a conflict was about to take place between them but his underlying meaning was pretty clear to everyone. Biden was quick to dismiss the remark by saying he did not want any misunderstanding between their two governments to “veer in conflict”.

Tensions in the bureaucratic world are roiling underneath the veneer of diplomacy and political courtesy. A few days ago, the Chinese Military made 39 fighter airplanes across the sky to cross into the Taiwanese Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ).

This move might have been a warning for some impending conflict or it could have been a threat to pressurize the Taiwan government. If you wish to get more information on this topic, stay with us and we will keep updating you. Thank you for reading this and have a great day.

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