Pfizers shows “High Effectiveness” Against Indian Variant and set for Vaccination Drive From June to September in India.

Despite the second-wave ongoing Coronavirus in India, there is a piece of good news to India where Pfizer shows “High Efficacy” against the India Variant.

Its been nearly two months since India faced a deadly variant in the virus. And India encountered massive death troll across the world in spite of oxygen shortage in the hospitals.

Pfizer corroborated for inoculation and offers 5 crores does to India which may start its vaccination drive between July and October.

 Why is India Seeks an Urgent Medical support?

New Delhi seeking a fast-trial recovery to Indian Variant, and an official authority from the US said that “Pfizers has shown high effectiveness to the B.1.617 (Indian Variant). And the vaccine is also suitable for 12 years old. The vaccine is asked to be stored for a month at 2-8 degree Celsius.

Pfizer took months to get approval from the Indian government and finally got sanction after series of records. And trials regarding the effectiveness of Pfizers against Indian Variant. 

Both the parties-India Government and American Officials subsumes Pfizer Chairman, CEO Alberta Bourla. And Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi are in a talk over the past few weeks. They conducted series of meets in order to overcome the difficulties of India amide of the second wave.

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On the account of Pfizer vaccine procurement on Wednesday New Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said “We should inject the vaccine asap for our children. And should jab forthwith to 12th students and teacher in case of attending Board examination. 

Is there any other vaccine to overcome Indian Variant?

Right now, three vaccination have been approved by the Indian government. Which are approved only for 18 years old and above- Covidshield and Covaxin are made in India

Whereas Sputnik V from Russia has been corroborated for jab in April. Where the Trial that happened in Hyderabad showed positive responses to the Covid-19 patients. 

While the third wave of Covid-19 is parlous to children, said the Chief Scientist of AIMS last month. That’s the reason why India are in the run for effective vaccination for children. And it is also said that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved by various countries. And WHO got the access to shoot below 12 years old.  

So the nation prepared all sort of ways to get the effective vaccine in order to undermine the death toll.

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