Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 278: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 278: For the lovers of manga online, this article is regarding Diamond no Ace also known as Ace Of Diamond. It is a Japanese sports manga series made by Yuji Terajima. The story includes all kinds of interesting sports characters and portrays hard work along with determination towards baseball which is not very popular.

Till now three seasons have come and received a lot of love from its fans. They have been eagerly waiting to read further. In this article. We are going to talk about the release date of it’s new upcoming chapter along with the other details.

So let’s begin.

Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 278: Plot

The story begins with Eijun Sawamura, as a lead character who is the protagonist and an excellent baseball player who aims to be the ace of his high school, Seidou. He along with his pals joins the school and plays baseball to show off their capabilities.

As a result, his scout comes to him and provides him with a scholarship along with an opportunity to compete at the national level. At the time of the summer competition, he along with his competitors managed to qualify for the nationals. Later at the time of the fall tournament, he along with his pals have to persuade his coach that there is no need for him to leave.

In the next Act, Sawamura along with his teammates continue to prepare themselves for the upcoming competition. As the year progresses more people come to the baseball club.

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Kawamura along with Furuya battle with national-level teams while analyzing their individual qualities and work upon their pitching qualities while fighting against each other. All of them are working hard to give their best in the competition hoping to win the match before the graduation of the upperclassmen.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 278: Release Date

The fans find it quite difficult to wait for the new chapter to be released. We all know that there is no specific schedule for the release of the Manga series. Chapter 277 of this series came on 27th January 2022. However, for chapter 278, no specific announcement has been made for its release. But an approximate prediction has been given that it is forecasted to come on 4th February 2022.


Talking about comics, expression through graphic images has been a part of human culture since times unknown. The Japanese Manga series is a perfect example for this. It has managed to capture the attention of people of different ages throughout the world. In fact, it is really hard to find someone who doesn’t love manga.

The characters and stories are designed in such an interesting way that you start imagining a different world for yourself. They are so creative that the fans find it really hard to wait for the upcoming chapters. One such series is “Diamond no Ace”. It might not be easy waiting in line to see what’s next. But, belief me friends, it will be worth the wait. 

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