Video: Justin Bieber Still ANGRY at Hailey Bieber, Door SLAMMING Resurfaces of Internet

The reports claim that the popular Canadian pop-star, Justin Bieber is angry with his wife, Hailey Bieber. They started seeing each other since 2018 and shortly after announced their engagement. Baby hit-maker stated in November 2018 that he married his girlfriend, Hailey after denying previous marriage rumors. A year later, they held a ceremony in Bluffton, South Carolina where they officially tied the knot.

An old video resurfaced online in the past few days, following the rumors that the pop sensation is mad with his wife, Hailey. In the video, Bieber slams the car door at Hailey when she gets out of the car. The duo seemed talking about an arcade match-up between them, where Hailey beat Justin. Hailey boasts that she scored 2,050 points while her husband only managed to score 500 points.

This infuriates Bieber, and he utterly seemed annoyed with Hailey boasting about a mere arcade game. Love Yourself singer told her wife that he wasn’t trying properly while playing the game, so he got such fewer points. However, Hailey was in no mood to accept any excuses and told Justin that she beat her. Fans quickly got online and shared their opinion on the incident.

Some fans began worrying Hailey’s welfare.

A fan on Twitter slammed the pop-singer and called him a raging lunatic. The fan further added that no other couple would do such for losing in an arcade game. However, several fans found the video cute and asked the critics to let them enjoy their relationship. Also,  there were some fans, who found the video alarming. They started expressing concern over the welfare of Justine’s wife.

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One person wrote on  Twitter that it wasn’t a healthy behavior, and he felt sorry for Hailey. Another Twitter user wrote that he feels uncomfortable with the incident and mentioned that he is worried about Hailey Baldwin. Critics raised the question that if Bieber treats Hailey such horribly in public than what he does behind the closed doors. Bieber’s expressions and tones in the video clearly depicted that he was angry with his wife.

The duo recently landed themselves in another hot water when the video of the duo mocking Mexicans went viral. Again, fans have divided as some are campaigning to cancel the couple while others defended saying that was just a lighthearted joke.

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