Why Christopher Nolan Cut All Ties With Warner Brothers Studios

We all know the popularity of streaming platforms has gone higher in these two years. People are at their homes because of pandemics and are refraining from going out. This includes going out and watching movies in theatres. The culture of streaming services actually started a long time ago with Netflix, but it has been at its highest in the last years.

Many studios have announced and released their streaming platforms where they will release their upcoming movies. Some of the studies are HBO, Warner Brothers, Disney, Peacock, etc. This includes the tech giant too, like Apple, who recently released their Apple TV+.

Of course, there are some amazing movies and TV shows on these platforms and these studies are working hard to bring us some great work by amazing directors too. And for some of them, it has paid off. Just look at the numbers of subscribers gained by HBO Max because Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on it.


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While some directors adopt new changes and start to work with them, Directors like Christopher Nolan totally hate this idea. And it’s totally justified. Warner Brothers released TENET on the streaming platforms at the same time as they released this movie in theatres. As for TENET, Christopher Nolan designed the movie in a way so that people can watch it on the big screen.

And of course, the movie was also made in a way that people can have the immersive experience of watching an action movie in the iMax. But, Christopher Nolan did not like this idea of the studio releasing it on the streaming platform just to gain subscribers.

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Christopher Nolan Fresh Soul

Also, Christopher Nolan was worried about the box office profit of the movie. If you are getting a full-action movie and a wide variety of movies with different genres on a price of a ticket, why will you go and buy a ticket and watch the movie in theatres? This was the reason Christopher Nolan cut all ties with Warner Brothers.

It is the same with Denis Villeneuve. Warner Brothers are releasing DUNE, the dream project of Denis Villeneuve on their streaming platforms at the same time as it’s going to be released in the theatres. Denis Villeneuve spoke about this too in an interview.


We think it’s a loss for Warner Brothers that Christopher Nolan is no longer working with them. There are studios out there that will be very pleased if Nolan works with them and also comply with every request of his. Christopher Nolan can also produce his movies too His wife has been producing his movies for a long time now.

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