Best Space Movie to Watch: This Weekend

Best Space Movie to Watch: One of the most made movies and TV shows is related to Space. Many many franchisees are dedicated to space, two of them are Star Wars and Star Trek. It’s one of the most profitable movies and franchises ever. Whether the movies are purely based on Science like Interstellar or it’s just pure fantasy that does not obey the law of Physics like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But they are unique in their ways and hence they are liked by everyone.

But there are always good movies and bad movies. In this genre, there is that distinction too. But as always we are here to tell you some great space movies to watch.


This was the first space movie by the director Damien Chazelle and he did a fantastic job. The movie is inspired by the real-life events of Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon. The movie is more of a drama and it focuses more on the tragedy in the life of our astronaut Neil Armstrong. It also focuses on the training as well as the technical part of the mission. The sound design of this movie is one of the most amazing parts of this work of art. It was released in 2018.


One of the most stunning space movies ever made. The craft is so beautiful that even astronauts who have seen the earth from outer space have praised the movie for its correct imagery. This movie also helps the director Alfonso Cuaron in his career. As he received his first Oscar because of this movie. The movie tells the story of an astronaut who got stuck in space and her struggle to come back to earth. This movie was released inĀ  2013.

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Best Space Movie to Watch


One of the most difficult movies to be ever made. The genre of this movie is horror but the movie plays with its genre. The story is quite simple actually. Some crew on the commercial ship U.S.S. Sulaco has been stuck with an Alien and the Alien is killing them one by one. It’s a story of survival for Ellen. It is a haunting piece of art by Ridley Scott. It was released way back in 1979.

Best Space Movie to Watch


It’s a Latin word. It means to the stars. And that’s what the movie is about. If you want to watch a movie with stunning cinematography and great set pieces and amazing CGIs and a beautiful depiction of Space, then you should watch this movie. The movie is about a son finding his father because he can be a reason for the problems on Earth. The movie is directed by James Gray and it was released in 2019.

Best Space Movie to Watch

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