New Tech on the Horizon for 2022

It’s been another groundbreaking year for technology. Great advances have been made in eCommerce and across all industries with revenue continuing to grow in a number of key sectors.

Opinion will be divided as to the best new tech of 2021 but, included among the many highlights are the new Macbook and the iPhone 13. NFTs may have been originally developed in 2015 but this was something of a breakthrough year with high profile artists starting to adopt the phenomenon of non-fungible tokens.

Appetite for Consumption

Consumers’ interests in new technology appear to be unchanged over 2021. While everyone is looking for the next big thing, updates on existing gadgets such as the new iPhone are still highly anticipated.

Among the brand new developments was a fast, mirrorless camera that can finally offer the best combination of speed and high resolution. NFTs are also seen as groundbreaking because they have only just started to seep into the wider public consciousness.

A mix of new and updated old is the way to capture consumers’ attention and those are the points to keep in mind as we look ahead to 2022.

What’s Next?

2022 should bring another strong mix of brand new innovations plus a smattering of upgrades on existing products. uncovered new details surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which is ready to come onto the market while some of the top consoles are also expected to receive a makeover in the new year.

In terms of new developments, many are designed to tackle areas of need in the current global climate. A shortage of drivers in some parts of the world means that the entry of self-driven freight could become a reality in 2022.

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Along with those inventions and upgrades, here are some other likely trends to follow next year.

A Virtual World

Virtual Reality has been with us as a concept for many years. Technology and equipment exists but it’s yet to be fully embraced by the average consumer. That could be down to a simple question of cost but this is one sector where many industries are looking for developments in 2022.

VR is especially desirable in gaming where that equipment can take players directly into the battlefield or the sporting arena. The online casino industry is also looking at ways in which virtual reality can boost their revenue and customer base.

Operators such as 22casino already have live casino areas on their website where players can interact with dealers and croupiers in real time. The rooms offer games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and more and they offer the closest possible experience to a physical casino up to now.

However, with VR technology, it is possible to take the players even further into those live casino rooms. It’s a development that customers and providers have been eagerly waiting for and 2022 can bring great strides towards achieving those targets.

Driving NFTs Forward

We’ve already mentioned that NFTs made huge progress in 2021 and things will get even better in the new year. Up to now, the focus has been on physical products but NFTs will shortly cross over into digital.

At the CES Innovation Awards in 2021, are expected to unveil a digital canvas platform specially designed for NFTs. Wherever the purchaser happens to be, they should be able to harness the software to upload their digital art.

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It’s another significant milestone in non-fungible tokens. While the purchase price of many of these unique products requires a hefty investment, having a digital platform available will undoubtedly expand their customer base.

When Your Home is Smarter than you

Smart technology is also expected to see further advancements in 2022. This year has seen a surge of advertising relating to smart home solutions such as security and energy and next year should see greater development.

Touchless tech should be the way forward here with more opportunities to use voice control as a way to set up devices. Topping up bills and setting controls remotely via smartphone is also expected to increase.

Clearly this is a convenient approach for all and, with tech arriving on our mobile devices, it’s within the reach of all consumers.

Where’s the Driver?

2020 was supposed to be the year that driverless cars began to appear on our streets. Global situations slowed down the industry, but it’s merely been lying in wait and is expected to make greater inroads in 2022.

The big new development here relates to driverless deliveries. It’s a concept that literally didn’t get off the ground when the first drone deliveries were piloted a few years ago. suggests drone delivery is still a thing and that’s also expected to grow in 2022 but the appearance of driverless freight vehicles is getting lots of attention.

An increase in consumerism is hoped for as a result of a quick and convenient new service.

A Stellar Year

2021 brought along some great innovations but 2022 promises to be even better. Industries are addressing current needs while also waiting to welcome innovations that have been in the pipeline for many years.

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Predictions will be made over the coming weeks and likely advances are already known but there will be other inventions that come completely from left field.

Naturally, while industry revenue is expected to grow, the consumer is, ultimately, the one set to benefit from what promises to be a stellar year for new tech.

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