How to Open Task Manager on MacOS: Macbook and Macbook Pro Guide

Apple has seen a sharp increase in its product sales in India. Many people now prefer Mac books over their old Windows laptops. As a result it becomes necessary to look at the helpful tools present in mac environment. New users may find Task Manager equivalent in macs much useful to get information about resource allocation.

How to Open Task Manager on MacOS: Macbook and Macbook Pro Guide
Task Monitor in Mac Book Pro

Need for Task Manager at Macs

Mac is a solid-built Operating System for business purposes. As a result, it is often not necessary to use the Task Monitor of Apple. Activity Monitor is basically the OSX Task Manager. It is a utility software that represents the resources currently being utilized by Mac. It also shows apps running and lets force quit stalled ones.

Components of Task Manager

CPU: This shows the list of processes currently taking up the resources of CPU.

Memory: This component of shows memory used by different processes running.

Energy: It shows the energy resources, which are currently in use by the processes running on system.

Network: The apps and processes use network to function. This component shows the network used.

Opening the Mac Process Monitor

In windows, the easiest way to open task manager is to use Ctrl + Shift + Esc. But unlike windows there is no specialized keyboard shortcut to launch Activity Monitor in Mac. That being said opening Activity Monitor in Mac is no rocket science. So here are the ways to access Activity Monitor in Macbooks.

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Mac Activity Manager

Opening Activity Monitor from Spotlight:

  • Press ⌘ + Space to open Spotlight
  • Start typing Activity Monitor
  • Once Activity Monitor comes up highlighted, click on it or hit Enter

Opening Activity Monitor from Finder:

  • Click on Finder in Dock
  • Navigate to Applications on the sidebar
  • Choose Utilities in the Applications window
  • Double-click on the Activity Monitor icon

Open Activity Monitor from Dock:

If all the above attempts end in failure the best way to open it is from dock. It is in reality a one-click Mac Task Manager shortcut. But there is a catch to open from dock you need to use any one of the previously described methods first. Then, once Activity Monitor is active:

  • Right-click on the Activity Monitor icon in Dock
  • Select Options
  • Choose “Keep in Dock”

“Keep in Dock” should now have a checkmark beside it. This means it will stay in the Dock even if one quits the app.

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