Blue Period Episode 03: Release Date and Watch Online

Blue Period Episode 03 release date has not been announced yet. However, the most-awaited anime of the year is expected to release soon.

Blue Period is a brand-new and upcoming anime series that is all set to premiere on October 2, 2021, across Japan. It will be available for viewers all around the world by October 9, 2021. Blue Period was formerly a widely-read manga with numerous volumes. But now, due to all the popularity that the comic series garnered over the years, it is now being adapted into a television series of the same name.

Blue Period is written and designed by the renowned writer and illustrator, Tsubasa Yamaguchi. Seven Arcs Animation Studios is credited with the development of the show. It has been licensed by the streaming giant, Netflix. Let’s have a look at the official trailer of this quite anticipated anime series.

The idea of developing the terms Blue & Period appeals to the creator. The title, Blue Period perfectly describes every personality in the narrative. Blue, corresponds to a gloomy shade. It might be tranquil, reflecting emotional responses, or it could be chaotic, like something of a tempest. Period refers to a phase or time frame.

About the Plot

The story depicts the life of the central character, Yatora, a high schooler, who’s really famous amongst his peers & receives excellent grades. He is accompanied by his pals most of the time. His life appears to be flawless, including exceptional achievements, however, Yatora ultimately grows tired of everything and wishes to embark on a journey.

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Blue Period Episode 03

Then things take a turn one day when he spots a lovely blue painting and has an epiphany. He realizes that art is so delightful and equally gratifying. So, he intends to enroll at the Tokyo University of Arts in order to uncover his calling in life.

Blue Period Episode 03 Release Date

The release date for Episode 03 of Blue Period has not been announced so far. However, it is expected to release very soon.

Where to watch

The fans can catch the upcoming episodes of Blue Period on Netflix as well as Funimation.

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