Dr. Stone Chapter 208: Release Date, Raw, and Read Online

Dr. Stone Chapter 208 will release on, 29 August 2021, it will be available for reading online on platforms like VIZ Media and MangaPlus this coming Sunday.

Dr. Stone is a weekly Manga in English. With its unleashing popularity among the fans, they eagerly waited for this English manga chapter 208. The chapters of the Dr. Stone series are available to be read on platforms of Manga Online.

VIZ Media and Mangaplus possess free access to all chapters of Dr. Stone Manga. Therefore, you can refer to them weekly to get early insights because a new chapter is released every week.

Dr. Stone Chapter 208: Raw Data

Dr. Stone Chapter 208 revolves around the story of a high school student named Taiju Ooki, who is desperate to confess his feelings for her crush after waiting for five years. As soon as he starts admitting his feelings, there strikes a green light on the Earth.

This same green light eventually petrified all the humans and turned each one of them into Stone! A thousand years later, Taiju is awakened and finds that the modern world has become terrific.

As humanity somehow sustained those circumstances and has managed to flourish. Ultimately, Taiju is greeted by a human named Senkuu. Taiju gets to know that Senkuu is a science enthusiast and plans to revive the world of humans.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 208

The brains of both of them come together. And they plan accordingly to revive all the petrified humans to restabilize the before the existing world of humans. Still, their plans are threatened by the powers who petrified the human race. To know what eventually happens, do read the Anime on Manga Online.

Dr. Stone Chapter 208 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 208 will release on, 29 August 2021, which means you’d have to wait a few days until it is already available to read on online platforms. And to get the crux of all eminent insights and further details of the series, you can refer to this article.

Dr. Stone Chapter 208

Dr. Stone Read Manga Online

Dr. Stone Chapter 208 will be available for reading online on platforms like VIZ Media and Mangaplus. For that, you need to buy a paid version of them for early access. Otherwise, they are also available for free on different online websites a week after the official release.

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