Boruto Episode 213: Release Date, Discussion, And Watch Online

Boruto Episode 213 will officially release on 29th August 2021. You can watch this show online from Crunchyroll and Hulu with the English subtitle.

Your favorite anime series the Boruto is now again all set to release episode 213. As we all know from manga to anime Boruto franchise gets a huge commercial success. And it’s very obvious that the franchise wants to continue it and for this one after another mind-blowing episodes will come in the future.

In today’s article, we gonna talk about the upcoming episode that is episode 213. So, if you are interested to know more about these episodes like release date, preview, and many more regarding this then read this article till the end. After reading the whole one I hope you get all the information about it.

Boruto Episode 213

About the Boruto Anime Series

Boruto series is basically started as a manga series and after that, a television series is started. The story is written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masahi Kishimoto. And later on, Mikio Ikemoto illustrated the whole one.

Noriyuki Abe direct the anime TV series and Pierrot studio produce the series. Viz Media has the license of this series and they have the rights to stream it.

Here we see the main character of the series who is Boruto Uzumaki. His foe is Kawaki and always he gives a tough challenge towards Boruto. In this way, the story begins and if you do not yet watch it then you should check it once.

Preview of Episode 213

If we talk about the Spoilers of this episode then you can watch the following video. It’s quite obvious that the beginning of this episode will be the continuation of the previous one. So, check the following video to get a hint about the upcoming episode.

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Boruto Episode 213 Release Date 

Episode 213 will officially release on 29th August 2021. As per the local JST, you can watch the show exclusively.

Boruto Episode 213

Boruto Episode 213 Where to Watch?

The episode will officially launch on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Here you also get the English subtitle for your easy understanding.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.

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