Kageki Shoujo Episode 8: Release Date and Watch Online

Kageki Shoujo Episode 8 is expected to be released on August 22, 2021. The episode will premiere in different time zones depending on where you are.

About Kageki Shoujo

Kageki Shoujo has been published by Melody shoujo magazine since 2015. Divided into ten tank rolls. Kageki Shoujo, the first series, has been redesigned. Season Zero was released as a single volume of Tankobon by Hakusensha in March 2019. In North America, Seas Seas Entertainment granted a license to press version and sequence. On July 4, 2021, Pine Jam will make its own animated television drama.

Kageki Shoujo  Episode 8 Release Date

Kageki Shoujo Episode 8

Kageki Shoujo is considered one of the best Japanese anime television series. This series received huge popularity and fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode. Well, the wait is finally over Kageki Shoujo Episode 8 is going to be released on August 22, 2021.


Where Yo Sarasa asks for a picture, while Ai stands by the window, her book blown by the wind. Saraa acknowledged that Ai had misplaced her dream ticket and returned it to her. Sarasa’s fun begins when he learns to ride a bike and meets his grandfather. Ken helped Sarasa to ride a motorcycle and gave him a letter from Kouka Music Academy. Sarasa is on his thanks to Ken’s tatami shop, where he’s found to be Ken’s grandson by locals.

The general public is delighted with the well-known person from his hometown. He is happy that Sarasa has touched so many people in this city. The villagers were worried that Sarasa would be abandoned, and they wondered how he managed to survive on his own as he knew no one. Ken is thrilled to be able to help his grandson and regain the dignity of his family. Sarasa is sure he will leave Ken. However, he rebuked her and told her that it was her dream to go to that school.

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Kageki Shoujo Episode 8

Where You Can Watch Online Episode 8?

You can watch the Kageki Shoujo episode 8 on Funimation, ANIPLUS, and Wakanim. Kageki Shoujo. Episode 8 anime online English subtitles will be broadcast weekly.

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