Boruto Chapter 61: Release Date, and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 61 is going to be released soon and fans are more than excited to look forward to its interesting plot and have been curiously wanting to know about its Release Date, Time,  & other details. So here we are going to look at all the information about Boruto Chapter 61, let’s dive right in!

Boruto Chapter 61

Release Date of Boruto Chapter 61

Boruto Chapter 61 will be releasing on August 20, 2021, as indicated by the authority site of the manga. The manga series will be aired on the MangaPlus site at 11 a.m. EST on the following Tuesday. On the 20th of every month, the most recent parts of the Boruto manga series will be released and will proceed with a similar section on Boruto 61.

Read Manga Online

Fans can watch the Boruto 61 manga on the web and the most recent 3 sections, but you need to have membership charges on MangaPlus and Viz (Shonen Jump).

Boruto Chapter 61

Previously on Boruto Chapter 60

Sumire is wanting to know why Amado is not sharing his experiments with her. Amado only speaks about the device that he was sharing with Katatsuke and creates an incredibly strong Konoha ally but Sumire fails to understand what Amado is talking about, on the other hand, Code told Dameo that playtime is over, and Dameon taunts him saying that he got no energy in him.

Eida guarantees Code that he has become Dameon’s new closest companion, and she is cheerful. Dameon saw the old geezer that is able to revive Eida and bounces on his back. The old geezer is too powerless to even think about conveying him and crushes his face to the ground. Dameon chastens the old geezer that they are meeting interestingly, and he is falling. The geezer murmurs that is the reason he detests this child. Dameon rides on the old geezer while they slither on the floor.


The two saw Code’s paw stamps and considers what’s going on. Dameon asks Code what’s going on. Code answers that it is his capacity and he can move serenely between paw marks. Code chose to make a show utilizing the old geezer. He pulled the old geezer toward him utilizing the hook marks. Dameon is dazzled by Code’s strategy. The old geezer says thanks to Code since he protected him out of Dameon.

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