Solo Leveling Chapter 160: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Are you a regular follower or reader of Solo Leveling manga? If your answer is yes then I am very much sure that now you are waiting for the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 160. So, here in this article we gonna talk about all the information that is disclosed by the manga yet.

So, if you are interested to know more about this upcoming chapter of Solo Leveling manga then go through this whole article. After reading the whole one I hope you get all the information’s regarding the release date, preview, release time, and many more. But before going to that let’s quickly talk about the manga “Solo Leveling”.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160

About the manga Solo Leveling Chapter 160:

Solo Leveling is basically a South Korean manga series which is written by Chugong. The whole series is based on anime, fantasy, and action. The Redice studio illustrates the original manga series while D&C media publish the series globally. The series starts in March 2018 and till now it releases 159 chapters within the 4 volumes. And now we are all waiting for the 160th chapter.

Here we see a little number of people gain the power of superhumans who are mainly fighting against the monsters. Here we met with one of the most leading characters of the series, Sung Jin-woo. He is a so-called hunter but basically, he is the weakest hunter among all. Literally, he is just a little bit stronger than a normal human.

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But the main story begins when he and his teammates were trapped in a dangerous situation where they saw a rare dual dungeon. Here only a few from that team can survive and Sung Jin-woo almost died. After that, he found himself in a hospital where he experienced some unnatural power within him and it leads him towards the strongest hunter in Korea.

So, this is the main plot of the series. So, if you are not still read it then immediately go and read the whole one.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160

About the Chapter 160 release date

The Solo Leveling chapter 160 will be officially released on 28th or 29th July 2021 as per your country clockwise. For most of the countries, the series will release on 29th July but in few countries, it will available on 28th.

Release time

So, let’s talk about the release time for different regions. The series will be available for the Pacific time region at 9-11 AM PDT. Where you can read it at 11-1 PM CDT if you live in the central time zone. You can read it at 12-2 Pm if you live at Eastern time while you can get it between 4-6 pm BST on 28th July.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160

How to read online?

You can officially read the manga from the Tappy Toon platform exclusively.

Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.

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