WHO to Approve Indian Covid Vaccine, Covaxin Very Soon

Covaxin, India’s one of the most used vaccines which are introduced by Bharat Biotech is now trying to get the approval of WHO. Still, now Covaxin is mainly used in India and it doesn’t get International acceptance. But now Biotech is trying to get that approval and make it an International vaccine.

So, if you are interested to know more about this achievement of Bharat Biotech then definitely go through this article till the end. After reading the whole one I hope you get all the information’s regarding this.

WHO to Approve Indian Covid Vaccine, Covaxin Very Soon


About the Covaxin Approval 

Covaxin, which is the second most used vaccine in India, till now not get the World Health Organization’s approval. India’s most used vaccine Covishield get the WHO approval but covaxin still did not get approval. Bharat Biotech’s product Covaxin has completed the phase three trial and the company proved that the vaccine provides almost 78% efficiency against the virus of COVID-19. But if we see India already complete more than 42 crores of vaccine doses while the amount of doses of covaxin is almost 4 crore.

So, from these statistics, anyone can easily say that this is the clear-cut indication that as WHO doesn’t approve it, the people are not too interested in it. But the Government of India and officials of Bharat Biotech are still working on it and do all the official works regarding this. So, hopefully in the coming days most probably Covaxin get the approval of WHO, and then it will be an Internationally accepted vaccine.

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WHO to Approve Indian Covid Vaccine, Covaxin Very Soon

Why it’s important to get the WHO approval

The approval of WHO for the Covaxin is very much important and it has various aspects. As Covaxin is still not globally accepted that’s why if you take the dose of Covaxin and want to visit a foreign country then you can’t travel. Or if you are studying in a foreign country or have a job abroad, you can’t take this one, as it’s not globally accepted.

Moreover, if it gets the WHO approval, then Bharat Biotech can easily import its vaccine globally, directly or indirectly boosting our national economy. So, in many perspectives, it’s very important to get the WHO approval.

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