Taco Bell is Bringing back Nacho fries with New Anime Style Commercial

Fast food company “Taco Bell” has been serving its customers with rich Mexican based food for almost 59 years, but at some point, Taco Bell has struggled to revive its market. Taco Bell has reentered with Nacho fries, commercial Fry Force highlights Nacho fries and also if we dive into deeper it center protagonist Rei who is trying to save her brother from monsters.

Nacho fries Commercial


Ingredient Shortage

The restaurant chains were not exceptional from the pandemic, at some point, these restaurants were secluded from our life yet somehow other chains have revived and were on track. But for Taco Bell it is a different scenario where it struggled with ingredient shortage.

Taco Bell was the worst affected due to Global supply Chain disruptions, which led to limited stock, customers approach any restaurant which will fulfill their cravings and automatically switch to other available restaurants. The restaurant chains would only survive if they are good enough to satisfy their customers. However, Taco Bell has apologized for the inconvenience.

Taco Bell is Bringing back Nacho fries with New Anime Style Commercial

Return of Nacho Fries

Although Taco Bell has not revealed the items which they were unable to provide right now, again they are back with another exciting menu to its customers which is somewhat better than nothing.

Taco Bell is promoting their menu Nacho fries through the anime commercial. Nacho fries are not something new on the menu item continues to promote it, explains that this time Taco Bell might be targeting Nacho fans. Previously the brand was hyped by popular Hollywood actors but the brand has switched to the concept of anime depending on how popular anime is these days.

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Nacho fries

Right now Taco Bell is concentrating and most dependent on Nacho fries due to Global supply chain disruptions. It is one of the experiments by the brand to stay active in the market.  Nacho fries which is a Taco alternative that features Cheese sauce, sour cream, Mexican spices, and Seasoned beef toppings.

As we can there is a spike in the craze for manga or anime recently so to match the recent trends Taco Bell chose wisely to attract its customers. To come back for the 7th time with Nacho fries which shows where are they getting major revenue from.

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