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EntertainmentOnePlus 8T Starts Receiving OxygenOS Update With Hotfix for Nightscape Mode...

OnePlus 8T Starts Receiving OxygenOS Update With Hotfix for Nightscape Mode Issue

Are you a user of the OnePlus 8T smartphone? If your answer is yes then this article gonna be very much important and informative for you. Recently OnePlus confirmed a very new update for its 8T series which is going to roll out soon globally.

So, if you are interested to know more about this update and want to know what you get in it then go through this article till the end. After reading the whole not only do you know about this update but you can also get an idea of how you can download it. So, let’s begin with the main topic of today’s article.

OnePlus 8T Starts Receiving OxygenOS Update With Hotfix for Nightscape Mode Issue

About this new update

OnePlus is recently starting the rollout of their new software update which is OxygenOs In this new update, you can get a brand new form of oxygen. The update not only gets you a new type of custom UI but also it’s got huge stability to your system.

Besides this, in this update, we see the flash screen problem was solved. In previous, there was a problem on the flash screen when one shoot a picture in the night mode. But now the problem was finally solved.

Moreover, in this update, they give a new app named OnePlus store app. By using this software now you can easily manage your OnePlus accounts, easy to access support, and many more things with just fingertips. Here you can also buy products or shop by using this app. So, these are the main features that you will get in this new update.

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The update is already rolling out for the North American continent and it will be going to release very soon for European countries. The firmware version of North America and Europe versions is and respectively.

OnePlus 8T Starts Receiving OxygenOS Update With Hotfix for Nightscape Mode Issue

How to download the update?

So, if you live in North America then you can go to the settings of your phone and open the software update section. Here you find the latest version which you have to download.

But if you are outside of North America then you can get the update very soon in near future. And after that, you can download it from the Oneplus website or in the phone’s software update section.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.


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